Located in Bucks County, PA, Sharon Kachel Combines Reiki, Sound, Yoga and Meditation to Raise Your Vibration

Reverend Sharon Kachel is an Interfaith Minister who serves to raise the vibration. With the help of very special bells and tuning forks, she opens people up so that they can receive the healing that they seek. Through the use of Reiki, she channels the love and wisdom of God to help us heal. Compassion is tangible and here for all to receive.

New beginnings open our higher potential ever after, bringing us to new heights. This is how the healing takes place…. The frequency is lifted, we are better equipped to meditate and receive healing from God.

Regular and Recent Events

Sound Healing with Reiki MeditationSunday night 7:30 - 9:00 pm at my Chalfont home.
I will individually use my bells and tuning forks on each person followed by Reiki.
We will meditate as a group throughout the event as I work on one person at a time.

I feel a difference in the energy many times.
Sometimes it feels hot, thick and bubbly like lava, without burning obviously.
Sometimes it feels like cool water.
Sometimes it feels very strong and is vibrating.
Sometimes it feels very gentle and tingling.

I don't have to understand it. I trust it. I care, and I love the best I can.

Rev. Sharon Kachel

Rev. Sharon Kachel

Rev. Sharon Kachel and Tobie Stowe-Szelagowski

Healing Through Yoga, Sound and Reiki

Rev. Sharon Kachel and Tobie Stowe-Szelagowski combine their gifts and skills to assist your healing through gentle extended yoga postures, sound and Reiki. Dates and locations in Doylestown, Lansdale and Quakertown.

Bliss With Yoga

Watch this brief video of Rev. Sharon Kachel and Tobie Stowe-Szelagowski as they conduct a healing session.


On Reiki

IMG_0333I use reiki often. Sometimes it just comes out of me with no conscious effort. I truly want to be a vessel for love and healing for myself and all others in whatever way is best. I'm not going to assume that I know exactly what to do with this energy. God/the universe/the electrons/nature have an all knowing love and wisdom that I fully trust. I am a perfect vessel because of this.  I'm trusting that I'm known and being assisted in brilliant ways to serve us all well. We are, no doubt.


Family pictureSelf care is something I have neglected lately. I'm taking responsibility to restore my health care as a priority now.  I'm going to perform my skills of sound healing with reiki, combined with yoga, meditation, contemplating and exercise. I choose to stay with it. I'm worth the time. Balancing it in as I go. There is so much I want to do. Setting one goal at a time, so I may focus and flow is best. I'm contributing to the health and well being of myself and others. The goal to reach all is just too big a goal.

Greatest Good

Is it KindThere is a skill to what I do. We are all equal, but we can all participate in the greatest good of all. Even if it's just one by one, it has a huge impact, especially if we are consistent.  My passion to contribute to the well being of others is birthed and blossoming. I'm grateful. So many people, places and animals have assisted me to get to this point. I'm thankful.  May we all follow our passion for life and the deep desire to contribute to the health and well being of all.