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Attuned with Spirit in the yellow

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are well.
As we stay in the yellow, waiting for the green. I think it’s important to remain cautious. This will be the most likely time for a spike in COVID. Be safe, but let’s move forward.
Everything will be done by appointment now, and everyone will need to wear a mask. It is going to remain an option to call in through messenger. Messenger has been the best sound quality, so I will need to add you to the the group on messenger for the event you wish to attend.
Please contact me at 267-337-3128 and

This Thursday night at 7pm we will be having a group reiki share and Sound Healing Meditation. Most people are going to be on the video call, only 3 people, including myself will be at the studio. There is room for 1-3 more, spaced out evenly in the seating. Reiki will be done in the seating, not hands on at this time.
That’s all that is planned for the semi public this week. Everything else is remote through messenger privately. If you want a private session, I will gladly take appointments inside the studio and remotely. However, masks must be worn, and I need space between to clean. Blankets and pillows will be laundered each time. I’m grateful for the opportunity. I hope to see you soon.

Reiki share in studio and via Messenger group


Reiki share through Messenger with Sound Healing & Trinfinity8 :
This powerful combination of the group providing reiki with sound healing orchestration assists the body, mind and Spirit to meld and align beautifully. The body and mind will transition from chaos to a natural state of harmony. While immersed in a sound bath of Sound Healing and Reiki, plus the Trinfinity 8 will run on all of us the whole time, this energy vibration brings your entire being into a resonance of peace, bliss and healing. $15    Thursday 7pm
You may use Venmo, Messenger, Cash app, Zelle, Pay Pal, check or cash.
Please contact Sharon by text, voicemail or email 267-337-3128 or

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Trinfinity 8 with just crystals or with Reiki and Sound Healing

Trinfinity8 Private Sessions with Crystal grids:
Or we can work on a specific physical or emotional problem you’d like to address, or just do a tuneup for overall health & wellbeing. Restoration and rejuvenation with the Trinfinity8. Don’t be surprised by the perfect alignment for messages to come through. Visions are quite common and auditory as well. Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael are the most common I have experienced during the sessions. Spiritual protocols for golden light to the pineal gland. Mental health protocols like release subconscious blockages. And physical heal protocols like reduce stress in nerves, spine, and muscles. 72 protocols in all.


Angelic Reiki, Sound Healing Therapy & Trinfinity8

Book a personal party of 4-6 or private session that can be done through messenger or in studio wearing masks:

$100 for an hour of Sound Healing, Trinfinity8 & Angelic Reiki
$50 for half hour of Sound Healing, Trinfinity8, and Angelic Reiki

$40 for 30 minutes of just Trinfinity8
$80 for 60 minutes of just Trinfinity8

The Angelic Realm feels like Home to me

Angelic Reiki Attunements:
Schedule an Angelic Reiki Attunement for each level 1-4, $200 for a 4 hour class with healing practical class, all available online or in studio wearing masks

“Many ways to meditate” class is $80 for an hour. This will advance your practice dramatically! Easy to do online or in studio wearing masks

Meditation is as helpful as sleeping

Coaching for your intuition and very practical help $60/hr…I love helping you be who you are. Convenience
of video or in studio wearing masks

Sharon Kachel
Rev. Sharon Kachel of Circle of Miracles at Attuned with Spirit


In studio  Sound Healing Certification $200 for a 3 hour class.


Sound Healing Therapy using the latest equipment


1) Angelic Reiki attunements teach you how to listen to your guidance and help be a channel for healing energy from heaven and earth. You are a part of it. There is constant listening or paying attention to guidance, however it comes.

2) Sound Healing brings vibrations into the body and the body and mind can restore.
Meditation is easy with Sound Healing. It’s a gift. It’s calming and peaceful. Even the busiest mind calms a little and meditation is as best as it can be at that time. Certification is $200 for a private 3 hour class.

3) Meditation with the Trinfinity 8 is absolutely perfect. You can watch the fractals or you can close your eyes and settle in. Either way, you will feel better and you can know old patterns are gone. Now you can mindfully walk to higher and higher levels.

4) I teach, “Many Ways to Meditate,” for those who want to be able to feel good about their Meditations. It is easier than you think and I know many ways to make it simple.

5) I provide private sessions for individuals or groups. Reiki, Sound Healing and Trinfinity 8. $100/hr. Share with a friend, lover or child… Same price $100 per hour

6) I provide readings from my inner guidance and cards. $30 for a half hour. I can use the tuning forks or bowls before the reading if you want. This helps you relax and be a part of the process. We all can get stuck in our thoughts. Together we can help you understand what is happening. I will channel during the reading.

7) I provide breath work and can teach you how to bring your breath and energy into the body or just to simply meditate. It’s powerful and so beneficial. I can do it for individuals or groups $100/hr or $150 for me to come to you.

You can always feel better.
Meditation isn’t about shutting down, its shutting up and receiving, like listening. With practice you will be like a quarter back and a receiver, both important players on the field.
Meditation will give you practice.
Mindfulness will keep you skillful.
Sound Healing will cleanse you.
Trinfinity 8 will restore you and rejuvenate you.
Breath Work will give you space from the mind chatter, you will be calm.
Angelic Reiki will give you the masters of heaven and earth to guide you and your intuition for health and well-being.
Sacred Geometry (Flower of Life & Metatron’s Cube)

Every cell is restored to a higher vibration of well being. The water in our bodies will help it stay with us for a few days. It’s always possible to feel better. That’s why I do this. To wash away the angst we typically accumulate, what a gift!
Everyone deserves peace. Breathe in deeply and softly to increase peace. For fear does not exist in the in-breath. Breathe out peace. To share in the breath of life.

Here Are 4 Short Sound Healing Meditations from YouTube with Sharon Kachel:


Thank you for the opportunity.
Sharon Kachel

You may use Venmo, Messenger, Cash app, Zelle, Pay Pal, or check.
Please contact Sharon Kachel by text, voicemail or email 267-337-3128 or

Sharon Kachel 267-337-3128
1454 Bethlehem Pk,
North Wales 19454

Looking forward to welcoming you!
Please call, text, or email to inquire about more information.


Rev. Sharon Kachel

The highest quality Sound Healing equipment