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    What’s MY Calling?

    ‪ What’s my calling or purpose is something everyone seems to want to know. Many are confused by this notion. I don’t think you can miss your calling, spiritually. It just falls in your lap and resonates with you so highly. It’s foolproof-that doesn’t mean it will be your job. It’s just a fulfillment.‬ Notice how valuable thankless jobs are now? You are essential if you are in health care, trash removal, food service, mechanically inclined and mental health care. Don’t give up your day job unless you are in huge demand. No doubt, many will make their income from yoga, reiki, massage, etc. If you’re great at something, do…

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    Sound Healing

    There is proof of shift and restoration in Sound healing equipment of all kinds. Sharon uses chimes with exact frequencies, gongs, alchemy crystal bowls, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Tibetan bells, Tingsha bells, and tuning forks that are weighted with crystal feet to enhance the treatment. Sound can be used on the body and in the general setting. Sound equipment can uplift the entire space. Drums, rain sticks, and a rattles add beauty and inner harmony, a grounding effect can essentially feel much better than leaving the body astrally as some seasoned meditators do.  Sharon makes the Angelic Reiki and Sound Healing Meditations more musical than just a sound bath. Creating…

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    On Reiki

    I use reiki often.  Sometimes it just comes out of me with no conscious effort. I truly want to be a vessel for love and healing for myself and all others in whatever way is best. I’m not going to assume that I know exactly what to do with this energy. God/the universe/the electrons/nature have an all knowing love and wisdom that I fully trust. I am a perfect vessel because of this.  I’m trusting that I’m known and being assisted in brilliant ways to serve us all well. We are, no doubt.

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    Angelic Reiki Attunements

    I do private Angelic Reiki Attunements for Reiki 1 and 2 together and 3 and 4 together. Level 4 is the master level. It entitles you to do attunements. The Angels are the ones who actually do the attunements, but I am the assistant. They will assist me in what to share that is relevant for your understanding and experience. They will assist you with what questions to ask and then help me with the answers. It’s fun and supportive. It’s a beautiful experience and great practice with working with the Angelic realm. It’s a thorough process of attunements, clearing, Reiki given and received; plus the support of self sufficiency…