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    Divine Masculine

    Divine Masculine I am so blessed. I’m very connected to my beloved divine masculine. I am so blessed to know that the divine masculine is the love and light that supports our desires, and inspires our actions. Like the hawk awaiting the time. The time is not known, until it is time. We live now. We trust our lives, because we have developed ourselves. We trust our guides, because they never leave. We are good enough, yet we improve. We are not abandoned. It could never be. We are cherished. A blessing to the whole. Everything has a purpose. Even if we don’t understand, it’s sometimes someone’s creation to be understood…

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    Support Your Well Being

    Support your well being. You can always feel better. One of the ways I stay out of drama, is to choose to continue my path of being honest, yet free from needing to blame. The way to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, and know when to walk away. I find more and more, I can just say what I need to say without attachment of the outcome. It helps. The ego issues are always fight, flight and freeze. So allowing the wiggle room for decisions of discernment, not drama, make the path much more pleasant. Relationships are work sometimes. Speaking up without defensiveness can fix…

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    The path is to transcend fear to love

    Being attuned with spirit is such a gift. It seems everyone is so different in awakening. I know I enjoy a luxury that some may not enjoy, because of meditation, sound healing, breath work and restorative positions and awareness. This creates my body mind and spirit to be in sink. This improves my life every day and every way. All the trauma, all the lies, all the disapproval, really have no bearing on my life anymore, just wisdom and real compassion for situations and levels of consciousness. My relationship to spirit is pure love. My life improves every day and every way. My foundation was Christianity. I stay connected to…

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    Greatest Good

    There is a skill to what I do. We are all equal, but we can all participate in the greatest good of all. Even if it’s just one by one, it has a huge impact, especially if we are consistent.  My passion to contribute to the well being of others is birthed and blossoming. I’m grateful. So many people, places and animals have assisted me to get to this point. I’m thankful.  May we all follow our passion for life and the deep desire to contribute to the health and well being of all.

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    Self care is something I have neglected lately. I’m taking responsibility to restore my health care as a priority now.  I’m going to perform my skills of sound healing with reiki, combined with yoga, meditation, contemplating and exercise. I choose to stay with it. I’m worth the time. Balancing it in as I go. There is so much I want to do. Setting one goal at a time, so I may focus and flow is best. I’m contributing to the health and well being of myself and others. The goal to reach all is just too big a goal.

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    My Spirit is My Paradise

    Attuned with Spirit….. Who am I? Right now, I am a body, a mind and a spirit. I am a sacred trinity. My spirit is my paradise and my super power. It surrounds my body and mind. It also indwells them. I am the breath of life. The more I breathe, the more I circulate my spirit through my body and my mind. When I do this I experience more peace because, I return to the truth. I am a body, mind and spirit. My body is my spirits home. My spirit loves its home. What do I want ? My spirit is love. It utilizes my body as a…

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    The Practice of Kindness

    Kindness can make a huge difference. It doesn’t have to be,”saving the world,” big. I want to be making a huge difference in at least one persons life. Being love and kindness creates a ripple effect of a high frequency vibration. It helps no matter how many you love. It extends much further than you would imagine. Steve texted me the other day about a little girl whose parents are in prison for a couple of months. Someone that he knows, stepped in to take care of her while her parents are serving their terms. This was in hopes to prevent the need for foster care. He asked me what…

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    What is the Inner Relationship?

    What is the inner relationship? How important is it? If inner peace or self trust breaks down, our outer relationships are receiving that stress. Awareness of why I connect, or why I disconnect, within this relationship are the keys to understanding and healing within. This creates a huge potential for healthy connections in general. I meditate or at least contemplate on what it is I really want. Going deeper than the surface makes this harder to answer. This is why I meditate. I call meditation a receiving from God. If I don’t believe God is unconditional love, this probably won’t go any further than contemplation, because there is no trust,…

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    I Adore Life. May It Always Be Enjoyed.

    Good morning. I’m happy to share some highlights of my story with you today. I look forward to answering questions later. I’m an Interfaith Minister that loves sound healing and meditation more than anything. I love my life immensely, yet I’m convinced that I can enjoy it even more. I started using sound to assist my meditations right away. I tried guided meditations, but found Tom Kenyon sound meditations to be much more effective. Then I went on to HemiSync and HoloSync to center my mind, plus the Sound to open up to Spirit. I found it immensely helpful to contemplate or meditate. That took all the pressure off.  If…

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    I am a Catalyst to Inspire Refreshing Joy

    Note: This was a talk Sharon delivered at Circle of Miracles. I am a catalyst to inspire refreshing joy. So, in other words, as I am at peace with myself, I give you permission to be at peace with YOURself. My inner peace sparks outer peace. The result is, we keep expanding and  refreshing and head in a positive direction. I’m not an expert in everything, so I seek the wisdom and expertise of those that can be of assistance to me. In doing so, I am better focused and less stressed and more able to serve others with my own soul’s wisdom. My writing has been a whirlwind of creativity,…