Archangels, Mediumship & Sound Healing

March 14, 2020 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Attuned with Spirit
1454 Bethlehem Pk
North Wales 19454
Sharon Kachel

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Nicole Campbell as the new medium for the Sound Healing & Mediumship class!!! Nicole and I share a pure devotion to our Archangel friends! They promise to show up and bless you with answers, guidance and help.
I’m super practical, so this makes me so happy! Please let me know if you want to attend. 267-337-3128. Sharon Kachel
Join Sharon and Nicole in brightening up your afternoon with high vibrations. In this workshop you will get the best of both words. First, get in tune with angelic vibrations while being immersed in the sound waves of various singing bowls and chimes and a guided meditation to help center you. An experience that will leave you feeling cleansed, uplifted and ready to ask questions of the Angelic Realm-forces of the light. Then, participate in a circle discussion with the Archangels as we invite these loving beings to illuminate our path and our hearts. Come prepared to have open dialogue with the Angels and witness the unconditional love vibration these celestial beings have to offer.
This workshop will offer time for both healing and introspection as well as active engagement with the angels. You are encouraged to bring stones, and personal objects of spiritual importance to enhance your experience. Pens and notebooks are also recommended for this class, not only so you can write down any messages you have received but so that you can continue to dialogue with them over the next month.