Healing Energy Activation!

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October 24, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Magical Breath & Ancient Egyptian phrases workshop
1454 Bethlehem Pike
North Wales, PA 19454
Rev. Sharon Kachel
The pineal gland knows you are magical. Let’s activate.

Ancient Egyptian breath work and energy healing workshop

The magic is in the breath and the chakras (energy centers). Your energy centers will ignite and beam like the sun!

Ancient Egyptian breath work is like chanting spoken while breathing in, followed by a long exhale. This brings healing energy into the body during the poses. One of the phrases we will use, means,” Earth, water, air and fire. “ It is intended to create a balance between the elements of the body like in Chinese holistic medicine.


We will do ancient Egyptian breath work, which is Egyptian language spoken while breathing inward, followed by a rich exhale. Repeating each phrase (chant) with a different easy pose 9 times, creating intense energy work. The rhythmic breathing creates more energy. The act of cooperation is tangible to everyone in the group. After each series of nine, we will meditate for 3 minutes. This is required to integrate and appreciate what we just did. We will discuss what’s come up or you may keep it to yourself. You will connect with your Spirit and receive a gift for each chant with energy breath work we do, and you will also be gifting our planet with much needed healing, love energy.

If time allows, we will do the breath and body work, which is just doing this same technique except for, while stretching in one or more gentle poses to create a dynamic flow into the body. This has a wonderful grounding effect which, is very needed after such intense energy work.

You will never serve so much and be served so well $15

held at Attuned with Spirit, Wednesday afternoons from  12:15-1:15

1454 Bethlehem Pk, North Wales