Private Sessions

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April 22, 2019 all-day
Attuned with Spirit
1454 Bethlehem Pike
North Wales, PA 19454
Sharon Kachel

Sharon specializes in Sound Healing with tuning forks, crystal bowls for each chakra, Tibetan bowls for each chakra, chimes (for the chakras, Angelic realm, Venus, the Earth, the Sun,etc), Native American drums and African drums, rain sticks, Tingsha bells, Tibetan bells, and an elephant claw; and a dynamic gong. Many crystals will assist in every healing. Sharon will put several under the table and many on the body or around it.Her Energy healing is a combination of sacred geometry, Angelic Reiki, and IET with an added connection to the Earth. You will feel amazing and Sharon is so practical, you will feel at ease to speak about an issue, but it’s not required. The Angels know what you need, and always come through.

To schedule a private, private group sessions or Angelic Reiki attunements levels 1-4, contact Sharon at 267-337-3128.

Private sessions or private group sessions $80/hour.