Writing with the Angels

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April 6, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Attuned with Spirit
1454 Bethlehem Pk
North Wales
PA 19454
Sharon Kachel

Intuitive light worker and writer, Nicole Campbell, will be facilitating this hands on writing practice designed to enhance your communication with other realms.
Having channeled in written form since childhood, Nicole will discuss her personal experience with various forms of intuitive writing. She will also explain how writing with the assistance of the angelic realms can promote wellness, contribute to personal growth and enhance intuition.
Next the class will learn about the various energies that can be interacted with while engaged in this writing practice and everyone will be given tips on how to develop a writing practice of their own.
Each class session will have a theme that engages a specific energy and utilizes a different form of writing. This sessions theme relates to a writing communication technique that Nicole likes to call, page dreaming . Page dreaming involves calling in the Angels to assist each writer to connect with their subconscious or higher selves in the playful (and safe) environment of the page.
At the end of the session each student will get the opportunity to engage in a writing session with the Angels using the technique above.
$50 fee applies.