Attuned With Spirit

Attuned With Spirit

Raise Your Vibration
Creating Balance Technique
Cleaning up our focus can create perfect balance in our body and mind. I use the tuning forks to activate and center the mind. Then I clean, clear and spin the chakras with them. Each...
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Meditative Music for Download
Two CD's are available. They are professionally made and absolutely beautiful. You can purchase an immediate download or buy the actual CD. Bathe in the Bliss of Heaven and Earth Crystal and Tibetan metal bowls,...
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Working With My Angels
My favorite Angel always tells me that he’s proud of me, because we care what our favorite people think of us. He’s the best. Not all of the people in our lives favor our opinions...
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Reverend Sharon Kachel serves to raise the vibration.

As a mom, a wife, a daughter, sister, a friend to many and a ceremony officiating Interfaith Minister, she provides sound healing with reiki and IET sessions for groups, private sessions and restorative yoga classes.

Sharon Kachel is a lover of life. Improving the quality of people’s lives is the objective in all that she does. She heals people, pets, horses and properties by raising their frequency through sound, reiki, IET, sacred geometry and meditation. This creates new beginnings, bringing us to new heights, assisting us in grounding deeply into the earth and our lives.

She provides services as an interfaith minister such as baby blessings, weddings, baptisms and eulogies. She loves to do speaking engagements to speak her heart and share her unique sound and energy work.

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Sharon with bowls

With the help of very special bells and tuning forks, she opens people up so that they can receive the healing that they seek. Through the use of Reiki, she channels the love and wisdom of God to help us heal. Compassion is tangible and here for all to receive.

Every week Spirit seems to bring something more through.

"As we choose and grow, all our guides and angels watch and assist us. In the words of my favorite guide,“and I flower with you.” It’s more than a commitment that they have to us. Like my backyard is hugged by the woods, I am surrounded by the divine. I am joy being enjoyed." From Blossoming Into The Flower of Life


I Adore Life. May It Always Be Enjoyed.

Attuned with Spirit

"This is the prayer of my heart. May we each thrive in harmony within and with all.  I adore life. May it always be enjoyed.

Simple yet powerful prayer is part of my meditation and process. I meditate to receive and pray to communicate. I’m convinced that God and soul are separate just enough for relationship. It’s a love like nothing else. It is fulfilling, yet we will still desire more. Grounded life should be just as fulfilling. That has been my goal for years."

Read the full transcript of the incredible talk, Body and Mind in Sync with Spirit, delivered at Circle of Miracles by Sharon called I Adore Life. May It Always Be Enjoyed.

I Feel A Difference In The Energy

New beginnings open our higher potential ever after, bringing us to new heights. This is how the healing takes place. The frequency is lifted and we are better equipped to meditate and receive healing from God.  I feel a difference in the energy many times.

"Sometimes it feels hot, thick and bubbly like lava, without burning obviously.
Sometimes it feels like cool water.
Sometimes it feels very strong and is vibrating.
Sometimes it feels very gentle and tingling.
I don't have to understand it. I trust it. I care, and I love the best I can."


A Higher Potential

Writings by Sharon Kachel
Greatest Good
There is a skill to what I do. We are all equal, but we can all participate in the greatest good of all. Even if it's just one by one, it has a huge impact, especially if we are consistent.  My passion to contribute to the well being of others...
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On Reiki
I use reiki often.  Sometimes it just comes out of me with no conscious effort. I truly want to be a vessel for love and healing for myself and all others in whatever way is best. I'm not going to assume that I know exactly what to do with this energy. God/the...
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Self care is something I have neglected lately. I'm taking responsibility to restore my health care as a priority now.  I'm going to perform my skills of sound healing with reiki, combined with yoga, meditation, contemplating and exercise. I choose to stay with it. I'm worth the time. Balancing it in...
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