Interfaith Minister

I am an Interfaith Minister. My job is to provide compassionate, respectful, spiritual care to people of all faiths and people with no faith as well. I do my best to support people in finding courage and joy within life, crisis, suffering, and loss. I honor the diversity and similarities of all beings.

We all have different combinations of culture, faith, beliefs, rituals, and traditions. I need to respect the gift of wisdom each of us has to offer, while fully embracing my own. I provide spiritual support using pastoral skills such as listening, presence, compassion, encouragement and wisdom. I encourage and assist people in celebrations such as weddings and memorials.

Couple with baby
I provide Baby Blessings, Property Blessings and Clearing, Weddings, Eulogies, Sound Healing during ceremonies, Angelic Reiki Attunements, Sound Healing Training, Breath Work classes and Card Readings.

I love to speak on relationships, especially my relationship with the Divine. I have enjoyed speaking at Circle of Miracles and Pebble Hill Church.

I am currently writing a book called, “Body And Mind In Sync With Spirit.” I love to speak on this topic, as well.

To inquire on fees or how to hire Rev. Sharon Kachel, please use the form here.