Interfaith Minister and Children’s Ministry

Wedding coupleI am an Interfaith Minister. My job is to provide compassionate, respectful, spiritual care to people of all faiths and people with no faith as well. I do my best to support people in finding courage and joy within life, crisis, suffering, and loss. I honor the diversity and similarities of all beings. We all have different combinations of culture, faith, beliefs, rituals, and traditions. I need to respect the gift of wisdom each of us has to offer, while fully embracing my own. I provide spiritual support using pastoral skills such as listening, presence, compassion, encouragement and wisdom. I encourage and assist people in celebrations such as weddings and memorials.

I love to speak on relationships, especially my relationship with God. I have enjoyed speaking at Circle of Miracles and Pebble Hill Church.

I am currently writing a book called, “Body And Mind In Sync With Spirit.” I love to speak on this topic, as well.

Children’s Ministry at Pebble Hill and Circle of Miracles

12721809_972719219448858_2118048441_nI provide children’s ministry services the first Sunday of every month at Circle of Miracles and the third Sunday of every month at Pebble Hill Church.