Trinfinity 8

“Sharon does a wonderful sound healing meditation. I have had some amazing experiences during them and always feel extremely calm and relaxed afterward. Recently, I’ve been going to her Trinfinity 8 session. Before my last session, I was very tense and stressed. I experienced a few visions during the session. One was of wings coming down and wrapping around me to comfort me. I felt so refreshed after the session and my stress was completely gone.I would highly recommend a private session with Trinfinty 8 so that Sharon can set the program to your specific needs. You can lie on the table and have crystals placed on you to enhance the session. Whatever your issues may be, I’m sure you will experience some relief.” — Kathie Nicol Rothouse

Property Healing

tuning forks and bells“The Shivo house had been listed for 408 days without getting a single offer. The 213 year old home was full of stories and haunted by at least 3 former resident who were angry that home was being offered to strangers. I invited Sharon to bring peace and completion to these old souls. She brought her Tibetan bells and high frequency tuning forks and her open a generous spirit and walked through each of the old rooms and around the house. Within 18 days I got my first of three offers and the home was sold to people who will lovingly restore all the rooms and farm the ground. Thanks to Sharon’s intervention this will be a happy home again!” — Thomas James, Realtor

Healing through Meditation, Sound and Reiki

“There is a world of tranquility and peace and visiting Sharon opens this door. We are at a gateway to enter into that sense of peace and tranquility and possible joy. I invite you to come to Sharon’s on Sunday night and be with us. Whenever I can, each time I come to the Sunday meditation, I get a greater sense of peace and tranquility from the process that I go through with Sharon. She brings Reiki with bells and other kinds of tuning forks and things which makes a real difference and brings a calm and quiet to my person, and then I also like the friendship and the comradeship among the people who are focused and interested in that same journey toward inner peace and tranquility.” — Thomas James

“I love your positive energy and thank you for the yoga, sound and Reiki class the other night. I have been listening to your CD of the music and sounds at night. It puts me in the right mind for a restful nights sleep. I’m looking forward to attending your class again.” — Kitty Doyle Ghen

“Sharon is a extraordinary and gifted healer. I have had many privates with her and each one is a unique experience. As her skill and experience has grown, and the effectiveness of her session has increased, She now uses tuning forks and crystals on the chakras to help heal and balance them. Lately I have been attending Sharon’s Yoga with sound healing to great benefit. I am in my mid 50’s with cerebral palsy. Over the last year I started using a cane because of stiffness and pain. After yoga I am almost painfree, more mobile and flexible. In one private session with Sharon she used yoga and reiki to help me be cane free for almost a week. A true miracle! I highly endorsed the work Sharon does  and encourage you to experience her services your self.” — Lou L

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