Property Healing


How can I explain energy and the story of a property?

The sound I use will raise vibration. I walk in knowing that.

As I approach the house I feel the energy, it tells me a story. I then use my intuition to come along side the story/energy and lift the vibration as a whole.  The surrounding area, the home and the people that live/lived there assist me in lifting the vibration and clearing an attachment to the lowest point of the story.

12895291_972716432782470_1335899934_nFor example, one home had a traumatic episode of the mother being put in a nursing home against her will, the son found out and brought her back home to live the rest of her life in her own home. It was the spot to lift/clear. It was beautiful.

"The Shivo house had been listed for 408 days without getting a single offer. The 213 year old home was full of stories and haunted by at least 3 former resident who were angry that home was being offered to strangers. I invited Sharon to bring peace and completion to these old souls. She brought her Tibetan bells and high frequency tuning forks and her open a generous spirit and walked through each of the old rooms and around the house. Within 18 days I got my first of three offers and the home was sold to people who will lovingly restore all the rooms and farm the ground. Thanks to Sharon's intervention this will be a happy home again!" -- Thomas James, Realtor