Thai Yoga Massage

Brian Fegley Thai yoga massageI’m adding a new way to work with the modality of Sound Healing. I’m an An Angelic Reiki master now. I’m able to teach that, if your interested. The Archangels and the seven rays come through every session.

I use my sacred sound healing along with my crystals and reiki and sacred geometry. The sacred sound and crystals are the key to grounding the bliss into our lives. I recently added the crystals and noticed the energy increased greatly, yet everyone feels centered and grounded when we’re done. Normally everyone was feeling literally high when I was done. Now it feels that good with the ability to really function better than before. I’m very pleased with this improvement.
I’m using a root chakra crystal bowl now to further the heaven and earth synchronized energy. I felt compelled to add this to the mix of sacred sound. The root chakra is most important to me for bringing the healing into the physical body.

As if that isn’t enough, I’m going to be doing this as Brian Fegley performs his magic touch of Thai Yoga Massage. I can tell you from experience that he is fantastic at this. Energetically I have seen this healing going to the deepest levels of violet and white from my third eye. Thai yoga massage is very relaxing and works to physically align the body better than anything I’ve ever experienced.

Brian and I have traded services for some time now and both appreciate each other’s work so much that we decided to pair up and offer private sessions. We will be charging $135/hr. out of my Chalfont address or a $20 fee can be added for us to come to you. I’m very grateful to be able to offer this as an outstanding modality for healing and meditation.