Working With My Angels

My favorite Angel always tells me that he’s proud of me, because we care what our favorite people think of us. He’s the best. Not all of the people in our lives favor our opinions and choices, so this is immensely helpful. There is never a reason to be ashamed. We all have natural tendency determined as our brain is developing. It’s no one’s fault. We can heal and are supported in that healing. If we just continue, we will improve in every way.

Here are some phrases that they say to me often….

They say, “I love you.” They tell me this, because it is all that matters, love. Everyone is loved, and everyone gives love. It is always relevant and helpful.

They say, “I’m with you.” They say that because, I am always in their company. They are pure unconditional love and wisdom accompanying me as I go.

They say, “All is well and it’s going to be okay.” because not a single thing was ever helped through worry. Feeling like a victim is a downward spiral. They offer solutions. They give us insight, hope and new ways.

When I have questioned my path, they have simply said, “Please continue.” That is so obvious once I hear it, due to the fact that giving up is not even close to my goals. I feel his heart and the smile on his face when he says it. It’s a nice touch.

He says, “We love you.” I have seen a team of Angels, guides, animals, elementals and others which I have no words to describe. We all have, not just one, but a team of experts. Trust that we are celebrated just for being. Anything more is icing on the cake. Set a goal and observe, and mindfully go toward it.

This is how I know what to do to help. It rarely requires much. Vibration and focus is usually enough to continue well. We always have choice, priorities and preferences. Make sure they have your best intentions and deepest joy driving them.

In meditation, I receive many signs from my Spirit to encourage me. I pay attention to how it makes me feel, then, I let it go. It will integrate. It may be a way to get the mind to catch up to the Soul’s purpose in the moment. It’s important to not dwell on it. It is preparation.