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New beginnings open our higher potential ever after, bringing us to new heights. This is how the healing takes place…. The frequency is lifted, we are better equipped to meditate and receive healing from God.

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Individual sessions for sound healing with Reiki
$40 for a half hour
$80 for an hour

Angelic Reiki Attunement for each level 1-4
$200 for 4 hour class with healing practical class

$20 for 20 minutes (5 programs)
$30 for 30 minutes (10 programs)
$60 for 60 minutes (20 programs)

Couples sessions for blissful sound bathing  and reiki
$80 hour

Group sessions for blissful sound bathing and reiki
$40 for a half hour
$80 for an hour

Property healing
$120 usually takes about an hour.
I will go into each room and outside each door of the home.

Weddings are $300
Baby blessings are $200

Pets/Horses sessions
$50 for a half hour
$100 for an hour
I will be using intuition and observation. They are all different.