Sound Bathing with Reiki for Couples

Couple with babyMy favorite private sessions are the sessions with Sound Healing with reiki for couples. Watching the love increase and dropping the past away as they gaze into each other’s eyes is a gift.

My Process

I work on each as the two hold hands, laying down comfortably as I raise their frequency and heal with sound, sacred geometry and reiki. Then they eye gaze as I increase their frequency as a unit and wash away past undesirable patterns.

I have them lay comfortably on blankets, side by side holding hands. I observe the energy exchange. Then I play my CD with oneness meditation music, layered twice for a deeper impact. It has my sacred sound, reiki and sacred geometry infused with the Oneness Meditation music.  The affirmations are there to nurture and assist us in maintaining the frequency we are about to receive. This helps us to be present and participating in our lives.

I then use Tibetan bells, chimes, Tuning Forks, Crystal and Metal bowls for clearing and centering. Then the deepest bell becomes a bowl and shifts like nothing else I know. Then I use the tuning forks from the frequency of love to 4225 Hz, this is an amazing experience in itself. Then I reiki each chakra and the rest of the energy field of each. Then I have them intertwine legs, hold each other’s elbows and eye gaze as I work on the energy of their relationship; I work inside it, outside it and the lovers in this frequency. The past drops away leaving the gift of wisdom and intimacy. A blessing I adore observing. Then they drive off like Cinderella and Prince Charming…. It’s really lovely.


Couple on bridgeMy husband & I love the couples sessions. I think we were the first ones to receive it. It was amazing, feeling our energies merge, Sharon is very gifted. I was also pregnant during the sessions& I believe they had an impact on my son as well. He is such a calm & happy baby. Such a wonderful experience. – J.G.