Attuned with Spirit Bathe in the Bliss of Heaven and Earth

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Crystal and Tibetan metal bowls, bells, chimes, gongs, cello and Native American flute create a peaceful, serene and healing landscape of sacred sound on this CD by Reverend Sharon Kachel of Attuned with Spirit. It is perfect for relaxing or to accompany your meditation practice.

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Using the sacred tools of her healing sound practice, Sharon creates a foundation of blissful tones for each of the four tracks. She begins the journey with Nurtured Heart, a guided meditation, and leads us into a space of healing, grace and blessings. It is here that we can receive the remaining offerings of the CD including the angelic light created by her collaboration with cellist and composer, Samuel Haines in Coming Home and the gifts of Mother Earth herself in Forest Dream: a collaboration with Native American flute artist, Eric Labacz.

With a listening time of over an hour, Sharon provides us with a sacred space to experience our meditations more deeply, raise our intuitive awareness and bring healing into a gratefully grounded life. She hopes you enjoy Attuned with Spirit Bathe in the Bliss of Heaven and Earth and wishes you much peace and blessings.

A Creative Journey with Friends

Sam Haines and Reverend Sharon Kachel combine their talents in Coming Home to create a light angelic bliss that lifts and blesses the soul in a way that's never been done before.

Eric and Sharon combined their talents to create Forest Dream. The piece that provides a vivid peaceful walk through nature during meditation. Use this piece to sharpen your intuitive skills or simply enjoy. Sharon bares the beauty of her soul in Nurtured Soul. It is her desire to affirm as much as possible into each Soul for healing, grace and blessings.

Sharon provides a way for healing and effective meditation in one, to create a sacred space for each to be one with Spirit in each session. Enjoy the layered sacred sound to deepen the meditation, raise intuitive awareness and seal higher healing into a gratefully grounded life.

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Attuned with Spirit Bathe in the Bliss of Heaven and Earth