Healing Through Sound, Reiki and Meditation


Healing Through Sound, Reiki and Meditation

The meditation music that I use during my events is a very special piece that I co-created.  It is a conglomerate of oneness meditation music layered with a slight delay. Then I layered on top of all of that a mix of bells, chimes and tuning forks.

After the first seven minutes, there is a four minute guided meditation piece with affirmations. This allows you to use the CD for just a 10 minute meditation, and if you have more time, just allow it to run up to the full one hour and 14 minutes.

I use the CD to enhance everything. It enhances meditation, yoga, Reiki, study, Energy work, an attitude boost and it will even enhance your sex life.

My friend Sharon Kachel has created such an incredible hour long CD that blew me away from the first notes. It's got everything. I find it to be powerful and soothing. I have it looping on repeat all day. -- K.B., Quakertown

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