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Spiritual Growth

I Adore Life. May It Always Be Enjoyed.

Good morning.

I’m happy to share some highlights of my story with you today. I look forward to answering questions later.

I’m an Interfaith Minister that loves sound healing and meditation more than anything. I love my life immensely, yet I’m convinced that I can enjoy it even more.

Head shot of Sharon
Rev. Sharon Kachel

I started using sound to assist my meditations right away. I tried guided meditations, but found Tom Kenyon sound meditations to be much more effective. Then I went on to HemiSync and HoloSync to center my mind, plus the Sound to open up to Spirit. I found it immensely helpful to contemplate or meditate. That took all the pressure off.  If I needed to meditate, I meditated and if I needed to contemplate, I did that instead, making my experience with Spirit gentle and pleasant right away. I was inspired and grateful for every moment with God/ Spirit/the electrons-whatever you call the lover of our souls.

I have been doing Sound Healing for about a year and a half now. How I got started was through curiosity.

I went to an expo and found these lovely tingsha bells or Tibetan chimes with dragons on them. I just could not leave without them. I remember they were $45. I had no idea why, but I had to have them. I just couldn’t walk away from them.

Apparently Tingsha bells predate Buddhism. They first appeared in shamanic practices. I’m very familiar with that. I have worked with all or everything that is, in its purest form, as a shaman. I learned about it when I did animism as my earth religion in Ministry school here at Circle of Miracles. I learned what a séance is –  it’s not what I thought. It’s a shaman saying a prayer, working with the spirits through them. They sit inside my heart space where everything fits. It feels like it’s all surrounding me. And one stands as the surrogate to them all – my favorite Guide. I’ve done Violet Flame work this way too. The Angels have actually moved my mouth at times just to say I love you or we love you. The comfort it gives me is indescribable. My Guide has been my best friend for years. I sent him to my inner child in meditation one night. My life shifted drastically at that point. I trust him and Michael the Archangel more than anyone. Michael shows up when a big shift is happening.

But I digress…

I’m telling you this to map the course of how I arrived here as a sound healer.

I was thinking I needed to get tuning forks one day and so I ordered them from Amazon. I found a set that had the solfeggio frequencies for healing. Then I found out that this meditation bell is 528 Hz, which is the frequency of love and DNA repair. Perfect!  Then the Angels tuning forks that go as high as 4225Hz! Then I found out that they came in a chime form which makes the energy come out bigger, like the sun. Then I bought a bowl, but quite honestly I don’t feel lead to use it. It holds all my striking implements.

Next I was lead to buy Tibetan bells. I bought two different ones by accident. I ordered the second one because I wanted to have it to sell to the woman I was going to teach sound healing intuition to. It was different. I tried it and fell in love with it. I thought, “Well I guess it’s not going back!” I am thrilled to have them both, their sound is enchanting and the largest one makes a beautiful bowl. They center the mind and clear patterns to make new, better serving thoughts more accessible. The ahh factor is big here. Most people love the sound of Tibetan bells. The energy goes through different instruments at different levels depending upon the need at that time. I love observing this.

I use reiki and sacred geometry energy when I work. The flower of life was a clear choice to me because the complete flower of life is a symbol of each thriving and living in harmony. This is the prayer of my heart. May we each thrive in harmony within and with all. It’s a very powerful thing to pray and I’m sorry if it has caused any drama, but wouldn’t it be great?

I adore life. May it always be enjoyed. 

Simple yet powerful prayer is part of my meditation and process. I meditate to receive and pray to communicate. I’m convinced that God and soul are separate just enough for relationship. It’s a love like nothing else. It is fulfilling, yet we will still desire more. Grounded life should be just as fulfilling. That has been my goal for years.

Being out there in the cosmos without being grounded makes us so untouchable to others. I truly hope that I will be able to help others to know that they are loved and valuable forever.  I love coaching in this way. It’s beautiful to see the beauty of hope return. I picture myself as the quarterback throwing the ball to a very qualified receiver. That’s how I work. Don’t ask me about the football analogy, I don’t watch it at all. However, I do understand the concept and appreciate the visual. Hannalore said speaking engagements are 90% more effective with visuals, so I use them.

Meditation with others is more powerful because our awareness is increased. It’s easy to stay grounded yet reach as high as possible. It’s been fantastic lately. My meditations have been so deep yet I’m aware. I work on a very deep level. When I meditate and do energy work with sound, I am working with Spirit at the place where it’s needed and in the precise order. I have been blessed to understand this, however the details tend to make no sense until the last piece is healed, at least for that particular issue. The integration is necessary. It can be instantaneous or require much more. For my own life, I do what I can through meditation and reiki shares and utilize many different modalities with people of all varieties of perspectives and wisdom. I have done this for a better understanding of what it is we are all doing together.

I feel like I need to respect the mindset of the person I’m helping. I will offer my perspective, but essentially we each have to choose what we need, enjoy what we want and say no to what isn’t acceptable for our sensitivities. Preferences are personal and very unique for some of us. I love seeing a sparkle in someone’s eyes. To me, that’s what it’s all about. More of what makes our hearts sing, less focus on the rest. Let the sound healing meditation clear it out, and it does!

Tobie and SharonDr. Emoto’s experiments of different sound and blessings on water through music and affirming words inspired me to utilize this powerful potential, so I have created a beautiful guided meditation for my CD complete with simple but effective affirmations. Raising the vibration that stays in place is important to me. I have layers of music, sound healing, reiki, sacred geometry and the best wording for effective nurturing and firm support. In my meditations I usually layer the CD with a bit of an overlapping structure to further penetrate the subconscious. During the yoga events, Tobie and I read them with a layered delay. The purpose is to nurture and support the subconscious, making the mind a safer place to dwell.

I was just recently led to use my clear Quartz with the chimes. It’s really powerful. I did work with this crystal. We have an agreement to heal as much as possible together. Archangel Raphael helped me to program it and transfer the information from one to the other so I intuitively did it and he walked in and said, yes! And so I continued smiling. I love him. I have to tell you a story about him.

One day I was beating myself up with guilt and he walked in the room, got in my face and said, “Do you want to know what I think?” I said yes.  He said, “I think you only get angry when you feel like you need to defend yourself.”
So profound…

Because they sit inside me so much, I learned how to do everything through faith and doing it. I’m amazed as I go. It’s so exciting. I call it Attuned by Spirit when I’m learning and Attuned with Spirit when I’m going through the motions. I’m a team with Spirit and I’m learning constantly too. Everything constantly improves.
I do get annoyed at the contrast. The undesirable parts. One time, when I started to realize that I didn’t want something very clearly, I got frustrated. I said, “I’ll go home!”, looking up at whoever it was I was addressing. I had no idea how I would leave my body and go home, but I knew I could.

So funny to see how far I’ve come.

I love how that taught me to stay in my power and out of victimization. It’s just contrast, that’s it. We can change it. Really we can. Together as a team, Spirit and I can change the contrast.  I was driving with my hubby.  I said, “Contrast!” He cracked up. He understood. He is unfamiliar with all my crazy antics, but adores me, so here we are still.

I started hosting sound healing with meditation at my house, 10 minutes from here, a year and a half ago. It gets better each time. I have had anywhere from 1-12 attend so I adapt to the number of people each time. I take one at a time on my massage table, do the sound healing on the chakras and then use sacred geometry and reiki on each person, then send them to continue meditation with the group and then I take the next one until everyone is blessed. I do this for individuals, groups, properties, pets and sacred spaces.

I’m working on expanding as much as possible. I do bliss through yoga, sound and reiki with Tobie Stowe Zagorsky. We use the magic of the sound healing and reiki to enhance the really wonderful postures of yin yoga mainly. This healing permeates the entire mind and body all the way through to the bones. Sound healing is using audio tones and frequency to repair the body. It works well for sickness, disease, depression and anxiety too. Stress causes us to vibrate at a lower frequency. Everyone’s body has the ability to heal and the healing frequencies assist with that healing quickly, thoroughly and without resistance. You can’t escape it or block the blessings. I feel like Hanalore when she said she felt wicked when she would be up at 4 or 5 in the morning to meditate and exercise. She had the morning all to herself.

Many people experience strong emotions releasing with sound healing. It has the ability to heal on all levels-mental, physical and even past life events. Meditation is how I started my path and I will never stop. Meditation is receiving from God.  I speak and write as prayer. I’m in constant communication with my Spirit friends. It’s a wonderful life.

I think getting used to our greatness is exciting. Look in the mirror and smile at your greatness. You will only become greater. It’s not going anywhere. We see it, learn about it and understand more and more. It never ends. I wake up some mornings feeling blissful and excited. It can feel like anxiety, but perspective helps here. I could be nervous to speak publicly or excited to share my story. The choice is mine.  Trust is the easiest way to ensure a better future. It also enables me to continue in the present moment well, as I want to be. Trusting that it can all mend or improve is my hope for a hopeful relationship with my life. Guilt is a lie, just like fear. The truth is, I did my best at that past tense moment. I can’t change it. I can improve this moment with my gratitude, even if it’s just, “Thank God that’s over!”

It’s a start.

Developing trust that it will all work out. The complexity is not for me to understand.  I will when it’s done.  The beauty of my love will find a way. When all else fails, breathe and pray. That’s our subconscious magic combining with our wisdom. Trust yourself and the outcome.

What is my alignment with my deepest truth? I need to trust myself and my God to find out. In this process of the God and the soul, and the spirit I am being held with love of life. What do I choose and why? What are my preferences and priorities? What can I do now?  I can change my mind. That is my opinion.

May we all thrive together in harmony is my favorite prayer. I want it all and I want that for you too. I love the image of God as a soul, like Hercules, the God man. We are all part of God, the All That Is, as a focal point, a soul. All that God is, yet a soul to experience. Like the parts of a body working together to experience. Nothing to fear, just observing and expanding the parts of God. How big can we get? How harmoniously can we live?

I love using a gratitude journal. I can fill 2 pages twice a day easily. I try to explain why to further the momentum. It’s like intention, but as love and appreciation.  I only put what I appreciate. I don’t want to lie to myself or the Universe. I can just trust It will all sort itself out as I focus on my gratitude and my consciousness to enjoy, improve or move on.

I have done a lot of violet flame work as prayer. It’s in my aura at all times lifting the potential of everything. I had a dream that I was at the Titanic in that darkest hour. I saw a huge skeleton spirit. I looked at it, pointed at it and said, “You cannot play with me!” Michael was there. I’m not sure why I was, but he said, “You’re so good at this!”  The point was not to fight, but to just say no. Continue with your purpose. I wouldn’t let the fear distract me from my life. It’s a great visual isn’t it? I don’t forget. I want to savor my life.

Healing should be as gentle and kind as possible. I’m working on Sound, Dance and Heal, with Elena Catherine and Ashley Blanco, because I want people to heal from pure enjoyment. It is possible and what a goal!

Can you see the fire in my eyes?

I am Home.


Taken from Sharon’s presentation, Body and Mind in Sync with Spirit, Speaker/Spark at Circle of Miracles, October 9, 2016