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Archangel Raphael and me

The Angelic Realm feels like Home to me


 My experience with Archangel Raphael has been the most uplifting. He is a master healer. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment with him. I’m stimulated and relaxed. Able to fully trust and engage with him in a way I never have with anyone but the Archangels. 


One day I was really struggling with the opinion of someone. I was tortured by it internally. He walked into the room out of literally nowhere. And got in my face, as I was crying, and said, “do you want to know what I think?” I was surprised, happily surprised, and said, “yes I want to know what you think. “Smiling he said, “I think the only time you get really angry, is when you feel like you need to defend yourself. “And with that he left the room and vanished at the door.

The signs of the angelic realm are everywhere

He was teaching me to think about why I would get mad. Healing me by the brilliance of bringing me to mindful reasoning. My mind went to many thoughts….Why do I need to defend myself? I’m good with who I am. I’m content to be growing and not yet refined to perfection in my eyes, life is a process. It was understandable to be mad. What is there to do with those relationships that were so difficult for me? Be mindful when I’m mad and look at why, forgive myself for the struggle. Then I can look at their perspective and understand. Then I can become centered and free of any triggers. I can be me and they can be the way they are. It is what it is. It’s good to know.


I may still be repelled, but not defensive or combative. Resonance is natural. Falling away is just as natural. The more open we are, the more obvious our choices. 


There was another time when I was outside watering flowers in my backyard. He again seemed to appear out of nowhere. He is so good to me, and cool! He said to me, “So there’s no way I can convince you that you’re not a healer, right?” I was stunned by his question. I shook off the surprise and said, “no.” He said, “Okay.” And walked away and immediately vanished. So odd, I thought. 

Sharon Kachel at Attuned with Spirit


My mind was blown. I couldn’t imagine why he asked me that. I believe it was to demonstrate how blessed I am for being able to believe that I am a healer and that anyone can become a healer. Having Christian roots made it easy for me to believe it. Jesus healed and he taught people to heal also. It was a normal thing to me. I don’t agree with hell and several other things, but I’m in agreement that Jesus healed and loved people. He was a spiritual rebel in the sense that he did not follow the rules of who he was allowed to talk to as a child, as a man, as a Jew or for any other reason. I love that.


I’m an Angelic Reiki master Sound healer. I’m not afraid to say it. I’m not claiming to make the blind see, the deaf hear or the mute talk, but I have relieved people of pain and suffering in various ways. I have helped pets and horses. I have made ceremonies and properties more peaceful and rich. Belief is a big factor. Because there is a Biology of Belief. Ask Bruce Lipton the author. When Spiritual theory meets science, I’m engaged, stimulated and ready to learn.

Rev. Sharon Kachel is an interfaith minister, sound healer/teacher and Angelic Reiki energy healer/teacher, Your Body Never Lies Coach and Energy Works Coach. She learned and practiced a different type of meditation during ministry school each month and learned how to self heal and assist others on their personal journey. She’s a mom, a wife and a friend to many. Creating bliss and blessings are always the goal for her.

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I teach sound healing, Angelic Reiki and meditation.

I’m an interfaith minister, so I officiate sacred ceremonies.

I provide Angelic Reiki private session for individuals, couples, parties, pets and properties.

Same thing for Sound Healing and the Trinfinity8.

I can use all 3 modalities at once, which is fantastic.

The Trinfinity 8 is a device that works on the fractal level which is the simplest point of what we are, literally divine flow in patterns and frequency. It can correct misaligned patterns and the beginning to correct the problem.

There are 72 programs to utilize for mental, physical and spiritual well being like emotional and subconscious blocks, restoration of vital force and energy, deepening sleep, lymph, inflammation and swelling, detoxification, brain boost, and beauty rejuvenation…there are endless possibilities.