Spiritual Growth

Archangel Uriel, my Friend

Archangel Uriel, my Friend

A Hawaiian Prayer

One of my favorite verses is, “For surely I know the plans I have for you, plans for your good, not for harm, to give you a future with hope.”


When I stop believing this, I call on Archangel Uriel. When things have felt harmful to me, my view point is stuck instead of flexible. When I can understand the full view, I’m free. Choice is obvious, with freedom to act on the better direction to go.


Uriel and I have had about 6 appointments for this purpose of restoration of faith and my will to continue. My reason for the drama of holding on-I’m passionate and purposeful, what the heck is the problem? I wanted answers. (tip: self esteem is my responsibility) After the first time, when my Archangel friend came to me, with my face down on the carpet. He started coming without my asking. I’m so grateful for his compassion for me. Process was not comfortable for me, but I am better at it now. I learned so much from each experience. Grace was what I needed, more for myself than the other person, because I wanted to understand and that can cause everyone to suffer. Perhaps we are all taught to judge and simply need to outgrow it.


The last time I called on him, I also called Archangel Michael, Metatron, Melchizdeck, Archangel Raphael and Jesus. They are all able and willing to help, and I am able to be part of the process now. Love your life, and it will never stop being worth your effort to grow. Love yourself, and it will become easier-a lot easier! Enjoy the people around you, and you win the game of life. Joy is the reward. 


The Angelic Realm feels like Home to me

It used to be about forgiveness, but it’s just picking myself up, brushing myself off and continuing well. You can’t control others, and nor do I don’t want to. What I learned is, then I would have trouble controlling myself. All I want from myself and others is peace and love. If that’s not happening, choice is obvious. I was so afraid to abandon anyone because of the prayer of my heart to cause no pain, but why suffer? If it isn’t moving upward, make a change.


I love who I am. However long it took to get me here. It’s worth the time. People are worth the time, and so am I. We will learn regardless of any outcome. That’s why some say, “it’s all perfect.”


The last time I had to move on from  being hurt by a trusted friend, I had a friend help me process. A qualified counselor, then another to see what the Universe wanted me to see, that’s when Jesus told me I was afraid to abandon anyone. The next morning,I called in Archangel Uriel. I saw gold and white light blindingly bright,in the shape of Metatron’s cube, going to my 3rd eye to the pattern in my brain, to my heart, my wrist… I watched everything he did for the first time. When I needed him before I would just give up. This time, I was awake and ready.

The love and wisdom of the Divine never ceases to amaze me

 I was well aware what had been done, and I was standing strong. Emotionally I had no idea how to proceed, but I wasn’t broken this time. I had clarity.

When I had to cry to release, I saw Uriel’s head was on top of mine. He is so kind and wise. I could see his hands and the blinding light of sacred geometry moving in through and around me. We are in good hands. I’m grateful to have the Angelic Realm in my awareness. Angelic Reiki is the way I became aware. I am thrilled to teach it and introduce them to you. Contact me if you want to learn this type of reiki. Otherwise, got a stuck spot? Call Archangel Uriel, and he will come.

Many blessings,

Rev. Sharon Kachel