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Look up numbers by Googling Angel number _______


As I wake in the morning, Archangels or my guide are waiting for me.  I feel amazing. This is why I try to get people to come to see me regularly, not because I expect to become rich doing this, its truly an obsession to help in the way that I can. My guide and Archangel Michael are always with me. There’s no guarantee I will see them, but I recognize their energy signature. They have become more obvious in some way as I pause.

Forgive me as I tend to quantify what I’m saying as I go. Upon awakening today, my guide spoke to me. He said 4 numbers waited until I got up and wrote them down, my intuition told me to get up and write them down. He spoke 4 more , as soon as I wrote the last number. I knew they were to be kept separate. Then he gave me 4 more numbers to write down and look up.

Why doesn’t he just tell me why the numbers are being given? Moving forward on these bits of information will help me to teach the ego to follow the real me. It will help me be conscious of where the information is coming from, which helps me read everything intuitively, instead of following a book or rules, my intuition organically grows. Everything is subject to change besides math, and just in case you didn’t know, they have taught kids a different method that expands what they learn besides the answer. They learn techniques to give them greater abilities.

Sharon with a blown crystal third chakra bowl. Photo by Christina Mudrick

When it comes to intuition and gifts, I have learned to take what I get and not get upset. I used to worry why my third eye wasn’t seeing movie screen images all the time. Sometimes I just see energy, colors in movement, etc. It all becomes more to learn and more ways to keep the ego engaged in learning rather than stopping change, its exciting to move with the flow. Literally momentum of Divine flow without hindrance is happening more and more.

Meditation with Sound Healing is the best way I had to improve connection to intuition, Angels and guides. When I got a chance to use the Trinfinity8, it was easier than ever before, so much so that I had to buy it. It will keep your system as clear as possible while raising vibration until eventually you will feel euphoric upon awakening in the morning. It doesn’t stop, but you will get used to the vibration leaving room for it to raise even higher.

You can always feel better, always.

Sharon Kachel


Private sessions with the Trinfinity 8, Crystals, Angelic Reiki and Sound Healing are done remotely for $30 for a half hour & $60/hr.

Many Blessings and much love<3