Sharon standing on steps
Spiritual Growth

My Spirit is My Paradise

Attuned with Spirit…..
Sharon standing on stepsWho am I?
Right now, I am a body, a mind and a spirit.
I am a sacred trinity. My spirit is my paradise and my super power. It surrounds my body and mind. It also indwells them.

I am the breath of life. The more I breathe, the more I circulate my spirit through my body and my mind. When I do this I experience more peace because, I return to the truth. I am a body, mind and spirit.
My body is my spirits home. My spirit loves its home.
What do I want ? My spirit is love. It utilizes my body as a tool to love in many ways.
What do I want? I, as spirit, want to live love.

How can I serve? My mind is my spirits way to choose how to live love.
This is my reason for peace. There is no reason to fight or run, cowering in fear.
When my body dies, my soul becomes my home. It doesn’t really end.
My spiritual path has lead me here. I am a body, mind and spirit. My purpose is love and joy.
What do I want? I want peace. Is what I want good for me? My mind can choose. Is what I want good for others? If it is, I can write the permission slip for whatever I want. My spirit is my super power and my paradise provider.
I have fought religion and non-religion. There is no peace there.

I have run away from religion and ended up fighting with non religious people. There is no peace there.
My peace is my spirit. My spirits purpose is to live love. The possibilities are endless.