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Loving my signs from above

Aquetong Springs

Grandmother Love 


Grandmother’s Love Messages


Some days, I have visits from my ancestors. It’s usually first thing upon awakening, before there is any chance of resistance or doubt. Today was one of those days. My Grandmother came with a message for me. I hadn’t seen her since the time of her passing. She waved at me as she was going to her place in the heavenly realms. My mom and I were waiting for my dad to get the car. Seeing her wave excitedly in childhood joy was mesmerizing. I’ll never forget it.

Later I was creating her eulogy, she thanked me and said she never knew the things I know. She was proud of me and my level of consciousness. She said no one she knew was at that level. I’m not saying that to be bragging about myself. I tell you this because it was up to me to figure it out. Step by step, I have to continue to figure it out by the way it feels to me. There is no guru.



Heart Resonance

No one needs to give you a permission slip, but I have done that for others many times. When you feel solid in moving forward but a bit uncomfortable, you are about to expand, stop doubting and raise your vibration even higher. Training your ego to be in Spirit alignment is a good practice, but take your time. Breathing through each trauma, activation and minor annoyance is how we get healed emotionally. Mentally healing is a much more daunting task. What we need to hear, know and believe is up to us to discover. Meditation is the only way for me when I am trapped in old habits of thought. Either imagine diving into yourself like a spring or fragmenting into nothing. It seems to be equally effective, but it depends on the day which one is best.




Heavenly Hosts


The Angelic realm is an orderly bunch. There is an order to things of them said to me one day. I try to stay out of the details, but I’m grateful to know they are with us and for us in the best of intentions. Harming no one has been a practice most of my life. And that is true for the Angelic realm, so I have always felt right at home in their presence. Archangel Michael sat right inside my body one evening, as I was afraid about people and their intentions. He spoke through me, literally moved my lips to say, “I love you.” then I realized it was Archangel Michael because of his energy signature. Who knew? They each have an energy signature, a specialty and loving devotion to us. We choose and they help us and make it equally good for each.



Symbolism from nature

Signs from nature are so uplifting and enjoyable! Today I walked outside to eat my lunch and saw dozens of swallows darting and soaring over my backyard. It was so unusual and fun to see. I had to google what is the spiritual meaning of many swallows….”Family connections, good fortune, prelude to spring and happiness.” There were so many and I have almost no family left here on earth. It made me cry, Abraham/Hicks said we cry when we are about to drop resistance. Listening to the other side has been full of resistance for me. I’m grateful for the lightening up. It was so needed!


Look up!


The images in the sky are vast and full of awe. Rainbows, clouds, sunrise and sunset, and images of outer space can have such a profound effect on our heart and mind. Drink it in as often as possible. Whatever you see is probably for you. Just be sure to steer it in a positive direction. Whatever place we find ourselves, creating positive momentum is always the goal to continue well. When you see an angel, for example, think of how much they love us  and how powerful they are in



WE ARE NOT ALONE, and as a result, we should know we are loved, because there is no thing disrupting love on the other side…

The Angelic Realm feels like Home to me



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