Activating Healing Energy Centers

Activating Healing Energy Centers through Breath Work, Ancient Egyptian chants, and easy positions to hold to bring that Healing Energy into areas that need it. I do this practice everyday I can, it is something that can be done slowly or as fast as possible. Either way, you will feel amazing and rescued from the normal consciousness which you are accCrown Chakraustomed.

Everyday is a great day for letting go of the old stories, beliefs and patterns standing in the way of your awareness and divine wisdom.
Healing Energy Activation is breath work and Egyptian phrases to travel through the chakras,
lighting up from within letting your vibrant light unlock higher levels of awareness and more of who you really are. We will meditate for just 1-3 minutes between each of the 8 phrases. Your mind will be calmer than you have probably experienced it before. You may receive messages from Spirit, or you may just bask in the peacefulness, that is now, your new state of mind.

The body and mind are left completely, stunningly bright white light. Energetically speaking, you become the light body within an hour. Your mind is calm, your body is pulsing with lifeforce energy. You will feel a difference if you follow the instructions of Rev. Sharon Kachel.
You will understand how to do this on your own after one class. You may take the worksheet with you to continue on your own or join me again to work through any information that comes up as we go. It’s always a fantastic uplifting experience.
You will beam like the sun ☀️☀️☀️☀️from the 8 core chakras.
Wednesdays & Thursdays noon to 1pm, $15/class
Attuned with Spirit
1454 Bethlehem Pk
North Wales 19454

Email Rev. Sharon Kachel at attunedwithspirit@gmail.com or text at 267-337-3128

Another use for this Breath Work and chanting is to activate your hand chakras for gifting Reiki healing. Yes, you are already “wired” to do it. Attunements will further advance this ability, but you already are the vessel.

Email or text Rev. Sharon Kachel for individual appointments to further this gift of Reiki at attunedwithspirit@gmail.com or 267-337-3128.

Angelic Reiki is the most joyful modality because the legions of Archangels come to help you and others. In the words of Archangel Gabriel,

“We will always bring through that which blesses you. Your deepest joy, will always serve others well.

We will delve into your desires and bring you, in order, what will enhance your discipline to live a a happy life.

We will bless you in ways that you had not thought about. The desires are the reason we bring them to you. Our love is active intelligence toward your greatest joy, and so it goes, forever and ever.

Gabriel, I love you”

There are 4 levels to become an Angelic Reiki master. Each class is 4 hours long and is specialized for each person who have choosen the Reiki journey. You can just take level 1, or you can go all the way through to the master level to pass it to others. $200/level