Meet Sharon Kachel, Sound Healer

In this 10 minute meditative video with interview, Sharon demonstrates one of her chakra bowls and answers a few questions.

Rev. Sharon Kachel is an Interfaith Minister, Angelic Reiki Master, Sound Healing Teacher, Ancient Egyptian Breath Work Master, Advanced IET practitioner, Practiced Pet And Horse Healer, Property Blessings & Clearing, Weddings, Baby Blessings, Eulogies, and Baptisms. Schedule at 267-337-3128 or attunedwithspirit@gmail.com

Sharon Provides public Sound Healing & Reiki Meditations almost everyday and night. Breathe & Align is done 3 days a week. Restorative Yoga, Sound Healing & Reiki classes are held twice a week. Acupuncture & Sound Healing once a month Tuesday nights. Hypnosis & Sound Healing once a month the second Saturday of the month. Thai Yoga Massage & Sound Healing & Reiki the first Tuesday of the month. See calendar for times and dates.

Private sessions with Sharon are gentle and nurturing with tuning forks use on the body and around the head, bowls on the body and over the body and Angelic Reiki & IET. $80 per hour. Schedule today at 267-337-3128.