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Coaching with Your Spiritual Essence

Why utilize the Your body never lies workshop?

This is a series of short videos to assist you in you intuition and becoming your Spiritual essence….

Rather than being in constant struggle, submit to the continual resolution of Your spiritual essence. This creates an organic cascading of cleansing,  uplifting you through the evolutionary process.

  1. Holding your breath mindfully becomes soft deep breathing
  2. Judging becomes allowing. Allowing someone to be who they are and where they are is freeing and becomes insightful. Knowing this information, free of judgment, takes the sensation of being triggered away. So then, we are able to make obvious choices instead of fighting, avoidance or feeling stuck and frozen, (unable to act)
  3. Measuring and comparing everything keeps you in the past. Awareness of this will connect us with the present time relevance without reliving the past.
  4. Now, rarely is something unbearable to think about. We stop letting our thoughts and doubts control us. We are empowered to move forward being our authentic selves, engaged in, what we can do now.
  5. We can either resolve situations or relax enough to move forward regardless.
  6. Having confidence regardless of circumstances is pure gold.
  7. Enjoy your own perspective. See others perspectives as something more or something else. Understanding is helpful.
  8. Intuition increases. More insight comes, and if it doesn’t, you relax,engage and notice more.
  9. Heart gushing moments occur consistently. A more relaxed attitude is notable.
  10. Confidence is inspired by understanding and being able to be reasonable and resilient.
  11. Enjoy the ability to relax and ride the wave as life has become spontaneous and more fun
Raise your vibration
If you get stuck, Sound Healing Meditations can quickly clean the aura and balance the chakras, making you feel renewed and restored to your alignment. There are many opportunities to take part in a Sound Bath at Attuned with Spirit…. attunedwithspirit.com or text me at 267-337-3128. The pandemic has created the need to schedule and sign up for an event. Just message me. Thanks <3
Sharon Kachel
Rev. Sharon Kachel of Circle of Miracles at Attuned with Spirit

Maybe I can offer some insight. I charge just $60 an hour to assist you with this process. I am in consistent connection with the Archangels and Masters like Jesus, Buddha and others you may or may not know. They trust me to be a conduit for Angelic Reiki and many times that comes through as a conversation.

Meditation is as helpful as sleeping

Meditation is as helpful as sleeping. If you need help meditating, it would be an honor to teach you. I charge $80 for an hour of practicing many ways to meditate. This will help you see what comes naturally for you.