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What Does Spirituality Mean To You As You See It?

What does spirituality mean to you as you see it?

Rev. Sharon Kachel at Attuned with Spirit, 1454 Bethlehem Pk, North Wales, PA

The definition for spirituality is “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. “ (the shift and priorities allows us to embrace our spirituality in a more profound way .)

So to answer the question, to me spirituality is real. It’s become my whole focus. I like to call it the point of light. The mindfulness part of this, for me, is to remain in love consciousness or simply put, Kindness.

I feel the spiritual focus has left me open and vulnerable to healthy positive growth, no matter how difficult any moment has been.

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Remembering to breathe well, (softly and deeply)  is number one in achieving positive healthy growth. The mind will easily go south if this breathing, softly and deeply, is paused for even the shortest period of time. Know that shallow breathing changes your level of frequency. This is far more important, yet easily remedied than anything else. If we find ourselves not breathing softly and deeply, we can notice and start again. Easy right? Eckhart  Tholle  has said that if we were to focus on our breathing for one solid hour, we would become enlightened.

Secondly, not allowing judgment to take over the mind is key to truthful and accurate perception. We are all biased, so just listening to the initial judgment and allowing that perception to be valid is enough to move past it and onto what is true. This way we are less emotionally charged and able to readily heal sometimes or just learn more information, as it is with an open heart.

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All of the above has taken me to creating a positive focus of learning, experiencing spirit and becoming more kind and wise. This focus is the path of spirituality. It’s almost always going to feel like a roller coaster ride with great ups and downs when we have traumas or sorted pasts. That’s perfectly normal for most of us.

My own experience with the path of spirituality has been one of wise kindness. The truth matters to me. So, positive momentum and experience keeps me in this game. It’s OK to be a beginner or be proficient. This will change according to each moment and new experience.

In the hope of making real progress in all of this, I inherently knew meditation would be the most effective technique. Sound healing became the way of nurture and ease for real solid help. Sound Healing Therapy creates more vibration and less matter, esoterically speaking. Sound healing cleans the feelings of emotion. This helps so much more than analyzing and getting stuck in the muck of the mind traps. Sound healing therapy is done with frequency, musical notes, melody and stimulation. Crystal singing Bowls, metal singing bowls, alchemy singing bowls, tuning forks, crystals, Trinfinity8, drums and other sound healing tools are my way to help myself, my family, friends and clients to feel better and stay on their own path of positive focus and growth. This has made my life incredibly rewarding, far more than money or physical fitness could create. (returning to the definition of spirituality.)

Bringing the heart of all this, into the physical and monetary world has been challenging but rewarding to my growth, and the beauty of commitment could never be abandoned by myself, for myself, and others. I enjoy this path of mine and watching it unfold for others is so sweet.

I’ve had success in my heart and that has made all the difference to my soul.

The buoyancy of Sound Healing Therapy feels like this…

Rev. Sharon Kachel