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Blown Crystal Chakra Bowls plus An Amethyst Crystal Alchemy Throat Chakra Bowl

The video below, is a way to display the very special Blown Crystal Chakra Bowls And An Amethyst Alchemy Crystal Throat Chakra Bowl with an Amazonite crystal inside it. Enjoy the beauty of the delicate bell like sound of the bowls. The Crystal  Alchemy bowl is specially made with Amethyst in its composition. In addition, there is a Amazonite  crystal in the bottom of it for added energy activations. This throat chakra bowl will restore and rejuvenate you in a powerful way. The throat chakra is the energy center for our communication. It allows us to express love for who we are and listen to others. If you are sensitive to energy, or have chronic throat chakra issues, you may feel positive energy inside your mouth and throat while playing this video.

The throat chakra is balanced when we are feeling inspired, creating our ideals. If we are stressed or anxious, this will effect your throat center, making this short video the one to play.

Focus on the throat chakra . Allow the strength of the crystal alchemy bowl to cleanse, while feeling all the other chakras being stimulated into harmony so gently with the blown crystal bowls.


Amethyst is a calming stone. It can easily soothe irritability, fear and anxiety. It has been said to be the stone to carry if you have coping issues. Amethyst will heighten your awareness while calming you to receive. You will experience heightened intuition as you practice this. Your psychic abilities can open up as you can cope with and accept you have gifts. Everyone does….


Amazonite may help with physical ailments, emotional issues, chakra balancing and healing in general. Its best known for helping with stress and trauma. Its a very soothing stone. Just looking at its beautiful pale green blue color is refreshing. These crystals ask me, in a sense to help with the energy work I’m doing with the combination of Sound Healing and Angelic Reiki. I am happy for the intuition. I trust they will increase your well being.

Sound Healing therapy with crystals, is a unique modality that I provide as a service and teach. I teach a 3 hour class to practically pass down many ways to implement Sound Healing with crystals. Certification is included. I only charge $200 for this class. You will be given the wisdom of all I have learned to this point. There is always more to come. Your intuition is going to lead you after this class, if you will relax and be open to new ways.




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Angelic Reiki attunements (for levels 1-4)

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Private healing sessions consisting of Sound healing, Angelic Reiki, IET ( Integrative Energy Therapy), Trinfinity 8, and subconscious and conscious support through discussion, affirmations and afformations

Private Party or Couples Sound Healing & Angelic Reiki Meditations 

Pets and Horses are very responsive to Reiki, Sound Healing & Crystals each case is special because intuition is the only way to go with them. What is needed may vary.

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Weddings, baby blessings, eulogies, ceremonies

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