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An instrumental Video of Sound Healing by Sharon Kachel at Attuned with Spirit

Attuned with Spirit


Being on YouTube is a way to share the love.

This one is about 12 minutes with various bowls, chimes, rain stick,  gong and tingsha bells. It’s purely instrumental, for soothing and releasing. The sound healing may clear any stuck or stickiness in the 7 main chakras or the various other chakras we don’t think about as much. The cleansing can be uncomfortable, but I assure you, if you breathe deeply and softly, you will feel better for at least a few days. Be gentle with yourself.

The soothing vibrations will help you to relax and let go. If your mind is busy, set intentions or pray about what you want to release. Then trust your Angels and Guides to assist. They are here to help. Talk to them, trust in them. Learn how to trust yourself and your team, together you can trust the Universe. I know that’s a lot to assume. Trust me, it can happen. With a little diligence, you will master step by step.

Attuned with Spirit

Sharon charges just $60/hour to coach you or just listen. 267-337-3128 or

The gift of knowing there is something clearing, is that you can be open to what it is so you can live freer and receive more of what you do want to manifest in your life. The time you spend is never wasted. Your Guardian Angel, Guides and your friends and family are with you in this. Even if it seems like they are the reason, be diligent, and things will improve or move, or fall away, it’s all okay. You will learn to trust your decisions and love who you are. You will become your higher self, step by step.

Attuned with Spirit

Sharon Kachel gives a brief biography about her work, the website: Facebook page: Attuned by Spirit YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn: @Sharon Kachel


Sharon provides:

Angelic Reiki attunements (for levels 1-4)

Sound Healing Certification 

Private healing sessions consisting of Sound healing, Angelic Reiki, IET ( Integrative Energy Therapy), Trinfinity 8, and subconscious and conscious support through discussion, affirmations and afformations

Private Party or Couples Sound Healing & Angelic Reiki Meditations 

Pets and Horses are very responsive to Reiki, Sound Healing & Crystals each case is special because intuition is the only way to go with them. What is needed may vary.

Property healings/blessings 

Weddings, baby blessings, eulogies, ceremonies

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