Meditation,  Reiki,  Sound Healing,  Spiritual Growth

What’s MY Calling?

‪ What’s my calling or purpose is something everyone seems to want to know. Many are confused by this notion. I don’t think you can miss your calling, spiritually. It just falls in your lap and resonates with you so highly. It’s foolproof-that doesn’t mean it will be your job. It’s just a fulfillment.‬

Notice how valuable thankless jobs are now? You are essential if you are in health care, trash removal, food service, mechanically inclined and mental health care. Don’t give up your day job unless you are in huge demand. No doubt, many will make their income from yoga, reiki, massage, etc. If you’re great at something, do it. No one is less spiritual by doing a practical job. 

What do you want to explore? Reiki is a healing technique that one channels energy from their Source of pure Divinity to the patient through touch or hovering over the body. This can be your decision as a patient simply by asking. The Reiki practioner can have a preference which can vary. Reiki is great for pain relief, emotional wellness, physical and mental restoration to some extent.

Sound Healing is easy to learn and can be used in so many ways with various instruments.

Yoga is the easiest way to expand mental and physical wellness.

Meditation is the most valuable practice to add to your life.

All these modalities are helpful, but are they going to be your practice or career? You may find once tasted, there is no return. Still it will be a decision to continue as a career or just a personal practice. If you learn these things and just give to your family and friends, you will be happy you did. Everyone can do these things. Don’t be afraid to try.