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Journey to Your Inner World

Attuned with Spirit Meditation Studio…Photo by Christina Mudrick

One of the best things about being on the spiritual journey is going within. Once you learn your mind is just naturally processing data and integrating it into wisdom. You are not your thoughts. You can pick and choose which ones to run with. You can stop and receive much easier. Receiving is like listening, but you can see a vision or smell a scent like pine or a flower, smoke or vanilla. The possibilities are endless, and it’s not lonely. You are part of the oneness and, better said wholeness.

The subconscious can be fed, good for us information to make our consciousness easy, gentle and positive. Using Sound Healing with Affirmations can help it sink right into fertile ground. A consistent  meditation practice creates a way to shed the unconscious stuff that no longer serves us well. This is the main reason to do it every day. The Super-subconscious is always cleaning our unwelcome opinions. The Workshop, “Your Body Never Lies, by Brian Snyder is on YouTube as a playlist. This is the best way I’ve seen to thoroughly clean house, so to speak.

Alchemy Bowls with Crystals on an Archangel Metatron’s Cube Grid… Photo by Christina Mudrick

Holding your breath needs to become breathing softly, deeply, but soft. If we just pay attention to this for the rest of our lives, we will feel so much better mentally. The anxiety we experience is many times due to our holding our breath or just very shallow breathing.

Judging everything needs to become allowing it to be what it is and step forward from here and now.  There is no easy fix for some things. Sometimes it just is what it is. Change what you can, but don’t waste time on what you can do nothing about. So simple, but it isn’t normal practice for some. Fortunately, it is getting better.

Measuring and comparing everything is another waste of your mind space. Allow everything to be what it is, now. The Universe is bringing new ways and new experiences for us to  enjoy, not to pick apart . We know what we know from the past, but don’t let it ruin the present. We can enjoy life when we just take it step by step. Even an orchestrated plan is best accomplished bite by bite.

Sharon provides:

Angelic Reiki attunements (for levels 1-4)

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Private healing sessions consisting of Sound healing, Angelic Reiki, IET ( Integrative Energy Therapy),Trinfinity 8, and subconscious and conscious support through discussion, affirmations and afformations

Private Party or Couples Sound Healing & Angelic Reiki Meditations 

Pets and Horses are very responsive to Reiki, Sound Healing & Crystals each case is special because intuition is the only way to go with them. What is needed may vary.

Property healings/blessings 

Weddings, baby blessings, eulogies, ceremonies

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