Spiritual Growth

A Path of Peace

My life has been the path to peace. Why was I not peaceful? I had a lot to help me feel thankful.
I went through the inner child work and noticed the reasons for my insecurities. I discovered I could parent myself through this past that made me feel scared and sad.

I learned how to meditate and really trust God. The love and wisdom that I was gifted each time soothed my soul to its core.

Leaving the past behind, feeling healed more and more, I began to notice that many others benefited from yoga. As I began to practice yoga I discovered the same peace as I experienced in meditation, as long as I didn’t push myself further than my flexibility would allow.

Could this be all there is to a harmonious society? Taking time to go inside and receive from God peace and wisdom just for right now, being cautious to be kind instead of pushing myself or others too far and speaking whatever is necessary at this time.

Beautifully simple, isn’t it?