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Receiving Upgrades | Attuned with Spirit

Attuned with spirit sound healing singing bowls sharon kachelLast night I felt like I really learned to not take responsibility for things that are not in my control, and also I learned to never force myself against my own will. It’s abusive and not who I am. I love myself.

I had a pattern of staying with people who would not take my help and run with it. They expect me to carry them to some degree. Now, I will help those around me without hurting myself.

And so, I sent out this new frequency last night so I may receive the new upgraded uploads. Which I actually saw. It looked like a violet cloud swirling around me and especially my third eye. Now, that I am sending out my frequency as this is happening. This is ridiculously exciting.

I used to confuse this with with the white light swirling in my third eye. The white light swirling in my third eye has cleared me of serious anxiety that would not leave despite all my tools. I saw this as a bright white light very tall and thin being. I was thrilled to see him 4 times in my life. I was being cleared and restored to center. This is ridiculously exciting. We’re always clearing and then receiving uploads to go further. Now I know the difference.

I have learned to go within and receive from my highest source. I don’t always understand the messages, but I always feel better.

Come meditate

The walk I have with my guides and the Archangels is extraordinary. I feel very comfortable with them because they are my friends. They have revealed themselves to me as I needed them. In many different scenarios they have helped me. I will talk about them as I feel led to.

Come to Attuned Spirit for Sound Healing and Angelic Reiki Meditation, when you can. I’ll clear it off, you go within, understand what you clear and what you receive for your life. Get comfortable being and becoming you, more and more.

Sharon Kachel

Every Monday:
‪7-8:30pm‬ Reiki Share for all! Sound Healing and Trinfinity * included! $20

*Reiki Share for all is when each person takes a turn to receive Reiki, Sound Healing & a Trinfinity 8 session for 10-15 mins by everyone there. Then we share the exchange. Its a beautiful time of love, support and healing.

Tuesday- only the first Tuesday of the month (at Meadowbrook the Room) 7-8pm$20

Every Wednesday:
10-11:30am Sound Healing & Reiki Meditation $20

Every Thursday:
‪10-11:30am Sound Healing & Reiki Meditation $20‬
‪12-12:30pm Trinfinity8-$15‬

‪*Trinfinity -energy work for mental, physical and spiritual wellness! Take a break to meditate at lunchtime Thursday and Saturday and receive amazing healing energy throughout it! Restoration and rejuvenation with Trinfinity8‬ is always helpful for wellbeing!*

Still Thursdays 😊:
‪7-8:30pm Sound Healing & Reiki Meditation $20‬

Every Saturday:
10-11:30am Sound Healing & Reiki Meditation $20
12-12:30pm Trinfinity 8 $15

Every Sunday:
5:30-7pm Sound Healing & Reiki Meditation $20

‪ Attuned with Spirit is in North Wales‬
1454 Bethlehem pk, North Wales 19454
Its directly across 309 from the 309 cinema. You need to be traveling north to get there due to the one way traffic there. It’s the building before the Trader Joe’s shopping center. It’s on the 2nd floor. You go in through the front door and up the stairs

*Sound Healing-What does it do exactly??
It rejuvenates and raises the vibration of each cell.
It balances the chakras, restoring the emotional and mental health to a peaceful state.
It increases lymph, blood, energy flow, and our divine strength. Angelic Reiki combines to help body & mind be in sync with Spirit.
Have you felt your bliss today? The most healing and fulfilling meditation brings you to your natural blissful state. Your body can find it sooner than your mind. Allow me to assist you in feeling better just by Divine meditation with sound healing and Angelic Reiki energy.*

Private sessions with Trinfinity8, Sound Healing & Angelic Reiki are $40 for a half hour or $80 for an hour. A trinity of divine love ❤️ wisdom ☀️and blessings 🕊