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Divine Masculine

Divine Masculine

I am so blessed. I’m very connected to my beloved divine masculine.
I am so blessed to know that the divine masculine is the love and light that supports our desires, and inspires our actions. Like the hawk awaiting the time. The time is not known, until it is time. We live now. We trust our lives, because we have developed ourselves. We trust our guides, because they never leave. We are good enough, yet we improve. We are not abandoned. It could never be. We are cherished. A blessing to the whole.

Everything has a purpose. Even if we don’t understand, it’s sometimes someone’s creation to be understood or at the very least, we can respect it. If this brings feelings of unsettledness or resentment, let it inspire you to create your, purpose your alignment.

Consider your life. Re-evaluate anything that is not working. Be the divine masculine. Respecting your ideas and providing for them. You are a master of your life. Honor your inner strength. Be your own motivation. Most importantly, be the leader of your witness. Don’t follow your thoughts. Stand firm align into self-assertion. Be self-respect. Look in the mirror and know who you are and what you are being is holy, as you are divine love. Pick up your chin. Breathe deep and soft. Return to the exhale and begin to be. Do not force your way against the external. This is the time to discipline your focus of well-being, so you can create as the divine love you are. Let this be your way.

Many blessings,
Sharon Kachel