Spiritual Growth

This Game Called Life

I think I’m beginning to understand the game called life. This is a piece of how I prayed this morning……

I have learned how to say yes. I have learned how to say no. I have learned to welcome, and I have learned to let go. I am aligned with my soul and my spirit. I am willing to pour out the best of me as service and love. I am willing to receive what serves me well. I trust that I will be given what is best for me. I am willing to receive it wholeheartedly.
It’s time to experience and explore more. Thank you.

ChrystalsBeing able to trust God/my Spirit and being able to trust myself is really all I had to learn. There cannot be certainty in every moment. That is why it was necessary for me to get aligned with spirit. It has really just been learning how to say yes, no, maybe, not anymore or any other variable there is to trusting myself and the universe. My confidence in learning, being happy and being loved without fear is the embrace and battle of life. At least it was.

Life is love. Love is life. It seems so simple, but joy is difficult when striving becomes a battle.  I saw a video of a woman taunting her hamster with a cranberry. She kept raising up higher and higher so that the hamster could not achieve it. The little hamster became still. She stopped trying because her friend would not let her have the cranberry even though such effort was given.

I sat with that lesson and learned from it. It would not do any good to yell at the woman. I could not give the hamster the cranberry because she was not within my reach. I learned to be present where I am appreciated and nurtured. I learned to love and respect myself and others the best I can. Every morsel of kindness is appreciated by some. I love that. I appreciate all the kindness given. I soak it up. I let my soul feel it. It is love. It is life.

Peace creates bliss as an outcome, according to the map of consciousness. In order to be happy I have had to learn to be able to choose and except what serves me well. I Love to love and serve, if I’m being mutually served well, this combination is endless bliss. If not, the contrast is obvious, not an obstacle.

Thank God love is life. Thank goodness I have a choice.

This may seem way more complicated than life needs to be, but I did start out as a perfectionist. I’m feeling much better now.