Transcript of Meditation November 8, 2015 at Pebble Hill

for-cd-pageGOOD MORNING

I’m very happy to be here to share what I do with you.

There are flyers with my card attached in the back if you are interested in working with me individually or as a group. I clear rooms, houses, and properties as well. My work with couples is probably my favorite.

I have just come into these techniques since about the summer. They seem to be helping, healing and expanding daily.

I did not read about this work. It came from Spirit. It is a part of me now. I will probably start doing workshops to teach it soon. It’s very simple, yet very powerful.

I also host a group meditation every Sunday night in my home. My life has become so rich.

Thank you for letting me share this with you now.

I’m going to do a little energy work to assist us in healing through meditation.

It will also lift the vibration of the room.

I’m going to use a Shinto bell to remind us to breathe in and out deeply. Creating inner peace.

The love of God surrounds us. As we breathe deeply in and out of the diaphragm, we are nurtured by this love.

I will be using my Tibetan bells to help clear us. Sound permeates thoroughly.

The heavy sound helps us to feel the heaviness without being suppressed by it. Then we can let it go more easily.

The tuning forks will lift our vibration very high. 4096 Hz is the highest one I will use. I feel energy very strongly. This is a wonderful tool to feel amazingly peaceful.

I will use the meditation bell to activate the crystals on the property. I hear there are many in place underneath the building for our healing and for the earth. I will also activate the liquid crystalline that resides within us and around us. It and the water, that makes up our bodies, will help hold this high vibration.

I will use the tuning forks to create some sacred geometry for more healing.

While in ministry school, I came upon the complete flower of life symbol. I have been super obsessed with this idea of wholeness ever since.

The complete flower of life is all of the planet- the ecosystem and us, all thriving in a blissful state.

A higher potential ever after- imagine.




Bring your focus to the center of your forehead.

Make if as high and centered as is comfortable.

This serves to center the mind and utilize both hemispheres of the brain. This creates higher potential ever after.

Breathe deeply.

Now feel your heart. Send it love. We have learned so much. We share our wisdom here, creating love expanded.

Breathe deeply

Focus on your feet. Feel the earth energy travel up them. The earth nurtures us always.

Breathe deeply

Focus on your head. This is our connection to God. God is the lover of our souls. Feel the presence of deep love and respect for all. This is true.

All is well, it will always improve. This is a gift for us all.

Breathe deeply

Now feel your aura. It is like a nurturing womb always surrounding us always filling us. It should feel like a hug. It is love. It is life. It is you and also a gift for you. Notice how well it serves you.

Breathe deeply

The ever expanding cosmos is our playground. We are here. We are home. Breathe in peace. Breathe out peace.