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Guided Meditation with Sound Healing


Guided meditations are my favorite because it gives the mind something to do while we meditate.  After we give the mind an assignment, we are free to separate  from our thoughts more easily. The sounds can take over the body. The sensations are real. The ability to surrender is real, raw and welcomed. Sound healing is so beneficial and helpful for cleansing the aura, calming the mind and relaxing the body. Stress relief is much needed these days. Who knew everything could shift so quickly?


By taking great diligence with a little sound healing and guided meditation, you will begin to awaken to the vibration of your body rising.  After the Sound Healing Guided Meditations, you will feel clean energetically, if you are in tune with your body. The emotions and stress are calmed. The body is relaxes. The mind is more open to new ways and information. The resistance is gone, but the ability to discern has not been hindered. You see, this is better than drugs or alcohol because you are more functional, not less.

Upon awakening in the morning you may start to feel incredibly blissful. This is normal, and you will continue to get used to it, and observe the increase.


Lots can happen upon the spiritual path. allow yourself the time to restore. Connect to inside yourself. You will find, there’s nothing else you need, to feel at home.


Sharon provides:

Angelic Reiki attunements (for levels 1-4)

Sound Healing Certification 

Private healing sessions consisting of Sound healing, Angelic Reiki, IET ( Integrative Energy Therapy), Trinfinity 8, and subconscious and conscious support through discussion, affirmations and afformations

Private Party or Couples Sound Healing & Angelic Reiki Meditations 

Pets and Horses are very responsive to Reiki, Sound Healing & Crystals each case is special because intuition is the only way to go with them. What is needed may vary.

Property healings/blessings 

Weddings, baby blessings, eulogies, ceremonies

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