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Be Here Now and Now and Now…

Be here now and now and now…

Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing


Healing more stuff than some people ever go through. The grunt work is done except for anything that is obvious to address.
Now, outside myself (my actual life) is getting better and better. Stop searching. Go inside yourself (meditate) and enjoy your life, always, as best as you can.
Whatever gets you to your destiny was valuable. Right?
However, some people just have it harder than others. Don’t forget to be gentle with yourself and others.
Some people don’t feel the need to meditate, because they just don’t have the inner struggle. And some people need a lot more than others.
Meditation heals the mind, there’s no question about that. It’s been proven. But I’m finding that it also heals the body. Yoga is bringing it all together for me.
Try this:
Of course I teach and provide angelic reiki and sound healing as well. That has a profound effect on both the body and mind. Our soul is nourished.
Why are you searching outside?
Meditation has been my oasis. Sound healing helps me to do that regardless of my mental stress. Sometimes I even feel other energy I don’t recognize. It all clears by the end of the Sound healing and reiki meditations I provide. It’s tangible…..
This has taught me preserving is the only way.
I went inward for guidance when I didn’t see it around me or felt it inappropriate for my best interest.
Meditation is pure guidance, perfect for me. I’m home in this place.
I also went inward for love and commitment. We are cared for by masterful Angels. Once we have this established, the inner peace is there regardless of the outside world.
I am a private island inside and outside is becoming better and better with the greatest people I know. I’m a lucky 🍀 woman. Counting my blessings every day.
Wisdom is:
Rev. Sharon Kachel at Attuned with Spirit, 1454 Bethlehem Pk, North Wales, PA
Please come home to your inner oasis. It’s just for you. Here you will find all you need and will be a strong foundation for your outside world.
Building perfection from the inside out. This is my power and my healing and my pleasure. My actual treasure.