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Understanding and Faith

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Understanding and Faith 

Our intentions and imagination can serve us well

My intention or goal is to replace fear and doubt with understanding and faith.  Well, lets try this intention today.

What is fear? Lack of understanding with love.

What is doubt? Lack of faith. 


Feel the way you feel and then begin to mindfully love yourself through the things of life, step by step. Wrap your own arm around your own waist in your imagination and walk in love with yourself in each step. I love this word picture.


You deserve the person you are striving to be.

Imagine you are the goal of your higher self-which is a real thing. My higher self comes to me as a comforting vision at times. Nothing soothes me more. I trust myself. I have cultivated this, and I highly recommend the practice of loving and building self trust. 


Work from the goal, not to it.

Fully understand your higher self is you helping you. To replace your fear with being loved, kindness and confidence. This is your highest self or Holy amazing Spirit.


Work from the goal of being loved, kindness, confidence, understanding and return to faith in life. You are a body/mind underneath your own huge amazing spirit. When you die you are just your spirit with all you have learned. 


What are you learning?

How to communicate with your OWN spirit…

It’s love and light. You are like it’s shoes-always attached. You can’t lose your spirit and it always “has you”. It’s not worried or disappointed. 

Ask questions and then meditate on a response. Practice this. 

Being in the state of receiving your Spirit communication can evolve easily. Sound healing therapy helps relieve the stress towards healing by letting go. It helps you become more open and vulnerable. It also raises your vibration making you feel more safe and filled with faith to continue well. Learning to trust either your spirit, yourself or your angels is a great focus. You can choose one or all of the 3. 


Trusting others is also inner work.

Becoming peaceful is a practice. It has been the most difficult for me, however, I never loose faith in my Spirit, never. 

Work from the goal, not to it. Fully understand yourself. To replace fear and doubt with being loved, kindness and confidence.

Get help

I am happy to serve. Private sessions are a perfect way to connect with yourself and your angels towards your Spirit awareness.

Group sessions are weekly and with a wonderful group of people.


Mondays at 6:30 pm and Thursdays at 7pm, I provide sound healing therapy with Angelic Reiki with Trinfinity 8.

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