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Are we here to just learn lessons?

Are we here to just learn lessons?

Attuned with Spirit 1454 Bethlehem Pk, North Wales, 19454

My experience has been spiritually rich all my life

Lately I have been learning about the afterlife and the soul growth we all experience.

My latest obsession

Books, I believe explain it the best, are the Afterlife of Billy Fingers, The Journey of Souls, and the Destiny of Souls.

Everything is typically biased, but that’s not necessarily bad

I have a very active spiritual life, so the books really just helped me piece it together a bit. The disclaimer always applies to allow what feels right to your gut, and leave the rest go. Nothing is really unbiased. However, everything has a valid point to the individual.

Our soul is a master gathering more

Our experience shapes us. Our soul growth is just for us to employ and enjoy. The Divine order to things is my passion. For example, Angelic reiki is my everyday energy and  prayer about almost everything, I not only invite the angels, I ask for their help and for my peace of mind.

The question

So, this morning, I asked in a looking up and sending the energy of a question kind of way…Are we here just to learn lessons? You know how disrespectful I think that is? (I have always felt that people tend to base so much of the unknown on fear)

The response

My response was from Archangel Jophiel, “You don’t have to do anything to degrade yourself or uplift yourself. Learning is more for experience and understanding. You always have autonomy, but I will tell you, your fear does not serve you.”

My prayer is to be love, not fear

Fear itself is a thing to fear, or at least, take pause to override.

One more book

This brings me to another book I read as I was becoming an interfaith minister, Love is letting go of Fear. Its a tiny book and very helpful. I highly recommend it.

The Angelic Realm feels like Home to me

“There is an order to things”

The angels told me this one day, “There is an order to things.” This is the basis for trust. We are loved and helped in every event. Whether we are in a body, out of body or something between. We are never forced to do anything, But we are held in high regard of our personal soul growth. Not only is this beautiful, it’s a powerful way for us to all become masters of our own consciousness. I enjoy this life more and more. Why? The order to things, the freedom we have, and the relationships we can nurture.

Archangels show up as colors in our aura in Archangel Angelic Reiki