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Sharon Kachel at Attuned with Spirit

Welcome to my blessed world of spiritual bliss.

I’m happy to share a little bit about who I am, and what I do with you.

I am a sound healer and a Reiki master mostly. I’m also a mom- my favorite thing to be. Neither job do I want to give up, or retire from. Truly, that’s why I feel qualified to speak with you today. Being a mom taught me to be practical, grounded, loving and empowering.

Being an angelic Reiki master, just means that I can teach Reiki and attune you to spirit and the archangels.

I have no intentions of indoctrination or drinking any koolaid or trippy plant medicine. This is practical, easy and safe. Meditation is the center of you, but connected to greatness.

Angelic reiki is connected to the angels. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the archangels or even believe in angels at all. That doesn’t really matter. You can always get to know them by just acknowledging them, by speaking to them. Or perhaps,by getting reiki attuned.

I became an interfaith minister in 2012. An Interfaith minister, so I’m

able to serve wherever you are spiritually. Makes no difference to me how you utilize spiritual beliefs. I really am only interested in empowering you to connect to the larger part of us. It’s your relationship to cultivate. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. And I will never want it to end.

 Meditation has helped me immensely. I had great difficulty with my meditation practice at first, many years ago. Sound healing was what I used to get good at it. I practiced many different ways to meditate in ministry school. Every month we tried practicing a new way. There are Many ways to meditate. And I teach that too.

 I stay out of the religious part of it all so I can better serve or minister. However I do appreciate my roots and all the branches I have learned. It will serve you well to feel loved and encouraged to be able to be who you are to expand in a way you can enjoy. You can’t get it wrong with God. That’s why connecting or meditation is helpful and healing.

When I was researching a little bit of understanding about the Angels, I found there is an order to things. Believing in God isn’t necessary. There’s an order to things. The sun sets and rises.

Not sure if this applies to anyone else, I just wanted to give you a disclaimer about your preference on believing, someone very close to me claims to be an atheist. I’m fine with that. I simply asked her if she was afraid to die. She said no. So that was a relief, and my only concern. I Personally do not believe in hell, but I do believe in God-the ethereal. And if you want to know why maybe we should discuss that afterwards. It’s a long story.

Anyway, there is an order to things. The reason why the sunsets and sunrises every day, in my opinion, is so that we can have trust that there IS an order to things. We don’t have to know everything. We don’t have to understand everything. We can have legitimate trust in the default system.

I, however, I am connected to the source of all that is. And the angels. I have created a life that suits me well. It’s a work of art and a process under construction, Always learning and adapting accordingly.

Thankfully, There is an order to things. We can live by the default system. It’s safe enough, but there is a better way to live, to create boundaries.

To start to work the Chaos into divine order

tailored just for each of us. Allow those to feel alive, thrive  and discover what they want for themselves continually.

Boundaries are a sometimes necessary practice for our well-being. So we can employ our current wisdom, strength and love. Now, we get to be expanding in a far better way, because we are who we’ve become.

So, I would love for you to just relax and either just focus on softening your thoughts or just watching them float away.

I’m going to be doing a sound bath or a sound healing meditation. It’s therapeutic for stress and cleans the aura.

Here are some of my favorite Sound Healing Therapy with Angelic Reiki meditations on YouTube:


Sharon Kachel

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