Body & Mind in Sync with Spirit

Body and Mind in Sync with Spirit                                                                                                                  November 19-26, 2018

I believe the best way to well being is Meditation, Breath Work in positions, and Mindfulness.

I have devoted my life to these beautiful practices, combined with Sound Healing and Reiki. Sound Healing brings vibration to the body/mind. This relaxes the stress and opens us to change and improving our lives. Reiki heals us by mindfulness of Spirit and trusting God to bring chaos to order.

Meditation will heal the mind quicker than anything. Do it and you will improve easily. If you struggle with it, breath work will calm the mind and relax the body. Sound Healing penetrates everything with healing vibration. Mindfulness is the only way to continue well. We can all be triggered. Mindfulness allows you to grab the steering wheel that the trigger took from you. It’s only a moment, unless you don’t forgive yourself for the triggering. I know that well, because frustration has been my thing to overcome. It has not been easy for me, why? Lots of reasons, that is not enough for me to give up! I’m making a difference and deserve the grace required to get there. I also mindfully enjoy every moment I can. This is the way to “success.”

I’m hoping to see you this week. Here is the schedule:

Sound Healing and Reiki Meditation $15

Sunday 5:30-7pm

Monday 7-8:30pm

Wednesday 10-11:30am

Thursday 10-11:30am

Thursday 7-8:30pm

Saturday 10-11:30am

Breathe and Restore $15

Wednesday 12-1pm

Thursday 12-1pm

Saturday 8:45-9:45am

Acupuncture and Sound Healing $40

Tuesday November 13


Hypnosis and Sound Healing $40

Saturday November 17


Restorative Yoga Therapy, Sound Healing and Reiki $35

Friday 12-1:30pm

Sunday 3-4:30pm

Book Club $10

Fractals of God

Wednesday 7-8:30pm

Drop in or text 267-337-3128

I have decided to Support people in the best possible ways. I found the most amazing practitioners to combine with. I know you will agree. Take some time to enjoy yourself and vibrate even higher. There is no limit to the love of life that awaits. We are higher potential and perfect now.

I have new chimes for each chakra. I combine the segment with 528Hz, The Pineal Gland tuner and the Angel tuners. It’s a harmonious way to create stimulation in the mind for healing and a new connection for higher thinking.

I use the 111Hz tuning fork on each chakra at the Sound Healing and Reiki Meditations and the Breathe and Restore events. It is the most beneficial tuning fork I hve come to use. Come experience the blessings all these events provide. One by one you will be happy you took the time.

Animals can’t lie about the blessings the Sound Healing and Reiki they receive. I have witnessed horses enjoying the energy each time I offered it. The gratitude is so beautiful, and their wisdom becomes obvious. Trauma in dogs gets released easily and the physical body improves. Cats notice it and like it. The very sensitive ones will sniff it. Goats sniff the energy, snakes sniff it too. Have you had this experience too?

Sharon Kachel