November New Moon Phase

This week is packed with greatness!                                                                                                                                November 5-12, 2018
Tuesday 6:30-8pm Thai Yoga Massage and Sound Healing. $40 Release the tension after voting 🗳

Wednesday 7-8:30pm Book Club “Fractals of God” $10

Saturday 3-5pm Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing at Wholebody Yoga $35

Sound Healing & Reiki Meditations for the New Moon 🌚 phase $15
Sunday 5:30-7pm
Monday 7-8:30pm
Wednesday 10-11:30am
Thursday 10-11:30am
Thursday 7-8:30pm
Saturday 10-11:30am

Breathe & Restore $15
Wednesday 12-1pm
Thursday 12-1pm
Saturday 8:45-9:45

Restorative Yoga Therapy & Sound Healing $35
Friday 12-1:15pm
Sunday 3-4:30pm

Attuned with Spirit
1454 Bethlehem Pk
North Wales 19454

As we gather at the time of the New Moon phase, we offer gratitude for all we have learned, love and enjoy. We offer Intention for what now? We set a goal with appreciation of all the past that brought us this clarity. We flip the script of what could have been if we didn’t use our gift of mindfulness. We are powerful because we choose to thrive each moment. We set boundaries by being happy with who we are, what we are no longer, and what we intent to become. How awesome is this opportunity of life on this planet? There is no need to push away and resist. We are proud of our newness, our preferences make us full-complete, but growing. No, we do not need to resist, but pull our best options toward us. This is being one with divine flow. We are blessed and blessing. According to our type. It’s a big world, lets enjoy our piece of it fully. Savor and appreciate the gift you are. This pulls more blessings and beauty into your life, a virtual vortex of your highest good and deepest joy.

The Sound Healing is a way to clear and lift. We can always use it. We are higher potential and perfect now.

Breathing consciously is something I add to everything I do, because it releases toxins so simply, raises your vibration, creates mindfulness to create an ongoing higher potential, it actually increases joy, and creates the space for patience. We evolve so effortlessly, yet consciously, when we practice deep breathing regularly.

Singing is both sound healing and deep conscious breathing. Why not? Put a happy song in your head and sing. I personally like to sing, “The Long Time Sun.” I feel I am blessing everyone by doing this. I sometimes feel spirits listening and then lifting higher. My guides stay close for this reason. I am a blessing to them, and they are my greatest blessing to me. This is something I have noticed since so many of my family have passed, and my Dad is probably not far behind. His deterioration has become evident in a way that my mindfulness has kicked up to a whole new level. I feel the presence of others come and go. I used to see them and not understand what they were doing, but have come to learn that we all help each other by what it is we learn and share through our vibration. Sing and share your blessings of being God’s love to the world. You did know that really is what your are didn’t you, 😉

All is well. It will always improve. We are attuned with spirit. We experiencing new beginnings of greater bliss and peaceful harmony. Breath in peace. Breathe out peace. And share in the breath of life….