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Experiencing Spirit

If you’re experiencing supernatural happenings without drugs or alcohol, you’re in very good company. Your experience is more normal than you think. I know it’s mind blowing but that’s why it doesn’t happen to everyone all the time. You have to be ready for it. If you experience it without drugs or alcohol, You are ready for it ,and you will experience this beauty again. The intense feeling of love that occurs is the birth right for everyone. The bliss is inevitable, in my opinion. I teach and provide sound healing, angelic reiki, and meditation so people can feel it sooner rather than later. Plus in a safe environment without fear.


I believe Spirit animals are something we can explore as they come into our awareness. We can use Spirit Animal Cards and practice a little guided connection to Spirit.


Angel Cards are a great way to explore your connection to your guardian angel and guides. Try just pulling one a day as a focus point for your thoughts. Be called to the decks that you pick. The ones that resonate with you are the ones to choose. This journey should be joyful. 


Start thinking to your guardian angel or talk out loud if you are so inclined. It’s more normal to have a sense of direction or positive thought than an audio voice. It’s not uncommon to see colors during meditation or thoughts, sounds, even scents like vanilla, orange, pine trees or flowers.


Symbols and numbers are another way to receive from Spirit. It’s all beautiful and works with you, for you, in a way you can feel at ease receiving. Arch Angel Michael said to me, “The more you receive, the easier it is to breathe.” I had to laugh, its true, we can just enjoy our connection to Spirit. That’s all we need to continue.