Full Moon November 2018

The full moon is here again Friday! We will burn an intention on a bed rose petals, sage, and palo santo Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. It is a nice way to send it to the ethers for release and/or request a bit of assistance.

Sound Healing is the perfect way to distract your mind while releasing the emotional and physical density. The tuning forks balance and clear the chakras, some of the tuning forks create a centered state instantly, and then the Sound Bath is the ease of comfort to meditate.  The affirmations and afformations create a peaceful and helpful mind. It makes it much easier to continue well with balanced chakras. When you need to train the mind, use a mantra stating an affirmation you want to believe for greater peace. An afformation will help you to feel the Love of the Universe answer the question. Breathing in a soft deep way is a great way to start. As you go deeper into yourself, your breathing will slow down.

When we are done, it’s time to return to mindfulness. As we are mindful to be who we want to be, we create our lives in an evolved state. This is a constant focus, just like holding a steering wheel. Staying in a positive direction is a process for me. When I’m stressed, I pray for help. I’m so grateful for my Angelic team. I can always release the fear to them. And then I can return to trust that God is creating order, even if it feels like chaos. This is my go to superpower. We can’t control it all, but we can trust God. Mindfulness starts, for me, with God adores me and everyone else. This is my peace.

I promise to help you return to center. The Sound Healing is a powerful tool to lift vibration to relieve pain and stress. The Breath work will settle you into the bliss. The relaxing direction will help you relax the body tension. The Angels are called in for assistance. The white and gold light, and earth energy is used to help us to feel amazing and protected. The affirmations will support your mind in a positive manner. If you are still in need, I can add extra reiki. I will help your mindfulness through my connection if I can. I love to help. I know how hard it can be. I’m very sensitive, and that can eventually shift from it feeling difficult to bliss is normal- really. Trust me, I care. If you need a private individual session or a private group session, we can do it in between the schedule. I charge $80 per hour, I do not care if that’s for one or more. I love working with couples, family and friends. Please consider gifting gift certificates to loved ones. I love providing this care, and I’m certain I can help in some way.

Sound Healing and Reiki Meditations $15             Breathe and Restore  $15                  Restorative Yoga, Reiki & Sound Healing $35

Sunday 5:30-7pm                                                         Wednesday 12-1pm                            Friday 12-1:30pm

Monday 7-8:30pm                                                         Thursday 12-1pm                                Sunday 3-4:30pm

Wednesday 10-11:30am                                               Saturday 10-11:30am                        Book Club $10

Thursday 10-11:30am & 7-8:30pm                                                                                          Wednesday 7-8:30pm

Saturday 10-11:30am

Tuesday, November 27 Meadowbrook at the room in Ottsville 7-8pm $20