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What’s in your Aura?

Archangels show up as colors in our aura in Archangel Angelic Reiki

Did you know the dominant colors in your aura could be which ANGELES are gifting you? The archangels are my favorite friends who come with Archangel Angelic Reiki.

Whenever I provide a private session, pink, gold and white fill your aura.

I look up what the colors mean if I feel it’s not a match to what I already know. Intuition is our super power. Knowledge is to be revered, but wisdom is active and cultivating your aura.

As I checked this morning, there was violet with yellow in the center of my aura, around my third eye. It is always different in some way depending whatever is happening according to your soul/spirit heavenly connection with the earth and your life. I have always found this to be so interesting. 

At my first glance, I saw soft orange that turned to peach from the white pouring in, then gold. Gold and white finished with a bit of pink. It continues to move like a life of it’s own. We are held in this womb like activity of color. Sometimes its textured like bubbles of golden white light. Gold and Silver sparkling dust is so fun. I call it fairy dust because of
Tinker Bell, matching the vision perfectly.

I read the dominant colors in the aura. In addition to the normal chakra colors, the extra beauty flows around us. I check mine every day. I noticed the kids yesterday from another building. I love this gift.

If you want me to read yours, just text me 267-337-3128. Pay pal me at $20. I will be able to read it from here. I will then tell you what it means. If you want to come into the studio, that’s a different appointment. We can come up with what is best for you.

Thank you for supporting me in this journey. It means so much to me. I am happy to support you in this and multiple other ways.


I will gladly take appointments inside the studio and remotely. However, masks must be worn, and I need space between to clean. Blankets and pillows will be laundered each time they are used. I’m grateful for the opportunity. Helping you be you is so satisfying to me.

You may use Venmo, Messenger, Cash app, Zelle, Pay Pal, check or cash.
Please contact Sharon by text, voicemail or email 267-337-3128 or

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Sound Healing, Angelic Reiki, Trinfinity 8 and Crystals Private Sessions
Metal Bowls, Crystal bowls, Alchemy bowls, Crystals, Archangels, Tuning Forks with crystals and precious metals and Angelic Reiki is the most beautiful way to receive healing and guidance. Just relax and enjoy. $100 for an hour and $50 for a half hour.

Trinfinity8 Remote Sessions:
Do you want to have your properties, pets and family cleansed, healed in some way and blessed? Or we can work on a specific physical or emotional problem you’d like to address, or just do a tuneup for overall health & wellbeing. Restoration and rejuvenation with the Trinfinity8. Don’t be surprised by the perfect alignment for messages to come through. Visions are quite common and auditory as well. Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael are the most common I have experienced during the sessions. Spiritual protocols for golden light to the pineal gland. Mental health protocols like release subconscious blockages. And physical heal protocols like reduce stress in nerves, spine, and muscles. 72 protocols in all. $60

Angelic Reiki Attunements:
Schedule an Angelic Reiki Attunement for each level 1-4, $200 for a 4 hour class with healing practical class, all available online or in studio wearing masks

Sound Healing Certification $200 for a 3 hour class. There is so much to know about sound healing. This is a great way to give you many options to add it into your life professionally or personally.

“Many ways to meditate” class is $80 for an hour. This will advance your practice dramatically! Easy to do online or in studio wearing masks

Coaching for your intuition and very practical help $60/hr…I love helping you be who you are. Convenience
of video or in studio wearing masks