Law of Attraction is Just Raising Vibration

Law of Attraction is just Raising Your Vibration

How do you really raise your vibration? Let me explain….

It requires something of you. Do you want higher level blessings in your life? That means those who are not up to speed with you may feel triggered by you and you may feel triggered by them. Please don’t judge or insist on pinpointing why. Just honor the desire for less drama. Honor your attraction for higher level beings, situations and life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Focus on the better way is optimal for peace, joy and receiving from Source. We believe what we believe. What good is it to scrutinize why? We can change it on our own, but that’s not your job, either way. Grace is the easy way through.

Photo by Christina Mudrick

 In every aspect in life, I wish to create harmony and balance. Encouraging common sense and a balanced outlook, I have affection, love, I’m practical, I don’t need to be right, but I won’t be considered wrong because of your belief either. The spiritual world is big. There is lots of room for difference. 


Beyond my expectations because I am continually raising to higher levels. I enjoy all my senses. This physical body is a gift because of the potential of vibration it can hold, receive and desire. 

Gary the horse received reiki for his tooth


I appreciate my guides, angels, friends and family. I believe in the beauty of the Universe, meaning there is potential for harmony. I believe I am a soul who has much joy in my being here. Being a mom created the ability for knowing there is great benefit in a win, win world. I created ideal scenarios as a manager at GNC for many years long before her birthday, but when her skin touched mine for the very first time… I knew love. I knew I was love, I was always loved, and I knew, this was a whole new playing field.

Couple with baby
Julia, Kyle & Jaden <3

Difference doesn’t always mean lack of harmony. In fact, difference creates beauty and balance. Allow the Universe to sort itself out. Don’t expect me to bow to your ideal, I will always love myself and feel my way to greater ways. It’s what I do in honor of you and everyone else. Feel the great affection that surrounds you. See how you are appreciated. Hear the joy of vibration in music and sound. Smell an orange, flower or pine tree. Touch your life with you. You will be happy whenever you do.

After writing this, a male and female cardinal blessed my presence. A sign from my parents who have passed? A sign of appreciation from the earth? It doesn’t matter….it’s beautiful.