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The Practice of Kindness

Kindness can make a huge difference. It doesn’t have to be,”saving the world,” big. I want to be making a huge difference in at least one persons life. Being love and kindness creates a ripple effect of a high frequency vibration. It helps no matter how many you love. It extends much further than you would imagine.

Cat and ChildSteve texted me the other day about a little girl whose parents are in prison for a couple of months. Someone that he knows, stepped in to take care of her while her parents are serving their terms. This was in hopes to prevent the need for foster care. He asked me what we could do to help.

This couple doesn’t have children. So they didn’t have any toys or books or anything to use to assist her. As soon as I found out, I knew we had plenty to give her. We have lots of books that Stephanie is done using, we have a few games that Stephanie is done using, and she donated two stuffed animals. One is a huge bear and the other is a little dog. I’m so proud of her.

All of this will assist the gracious couple in befriending the little girl. They can read and wrap up in blankets to help soothe the tension that they both may be feeling, and may be easily forgotten. They can play games together. This is a great way to start stimulating and aligning the heart and mind. The stuffed animals will give her great pleasure in her alone time.

The intention of love and real practical help will, no doubt be fulfilling for all of them. I’m so grateful to be able to do something I know can make a difference.

Stephanie always has donated her old toys and clothes, since she was 18 months old, she knew what baby toys she was finished using. I removed the clothes as she had outgrown them. So I asked her to go through them, to let go of the things she no longer played with anymore. We have done this ever since. We automatically have a sense of what is ready for the give away pile. We usually take all of our stuff to Salvation Army because they have the greatest give back rate.

I know the books, blankets, stuffed animals and games would make the transition easier. I’m happy that were giving them to someone who could really use this right now. I gave her a big soft pink blanket and a smaller throw size blanket. Why? Because softness is what’s needed when tension arises. Kindness and softness works. Water, for example, is soft. It has the capacity to carve the hardest stone. Blankets sooth our emotional bodies, as well as our physical bodies. A calm person soothes the mind of a tense being. Oh how I love when someone can soothe my mind.

GABA is an amino acid that is paradise for an overactive stressed out mind. The tension is soothed and the mind is clear. This is exactly the opposite of alcohol. While alcohol may soothe the inhibitions to dance on the dance floor, haha, it’s not near as effective in our everyday lives.

Meditation, sound and energy healing, yoga and deep breathing through the nose are all the ways I choose to cope with stress. When I forget about this, my angel usually steps in and comforts me; sometimes it’s just learning something new that stresses me. We all have our stressors. Let us cope with highly effective treatment.

Kindness is a practice. It makes life so pleasant when we are kind to ourselves and others. It’s not always easy, but it’s a practice. We practice on ourselves and others as we go, with a soft fuzzy blanket of grace when needed. It’s a goal and always worth the focus

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