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What is the Inner Relationship?

Meditation StonesWhat is the inner relationship?
How important is it?
If inner peace or self trust breaks down, our outer relationships are receiving that stress.
Awareness of why I connect, or why I disconnect, within this relationship are the keys to understanding and healing within. This creates a huge potential for healthy connections in general.
I meditate or at least contemplate on what it is I really want. Going deeper than the surface makes this harder to answer. This is why I meditate.
I call meditation a receiving from God. If I don’t believe God is unconditional love, this probably won’t go any further than contemplation, because there is no trust, and rightly so. My belief in God’s unconditional love is the reason why I receive compassion and healing through meditation.
It is also why I can gift it.
It all begins with belief, and all beliefs can be healed.
Do you believe that you are heard? Will you listen to your heart?
This is why I facilitate the sacred space of healing. As we feel safe, we relax. When we relax, we breathe deeply. When we breathe deeply our vibration rises, and we have access to higher mind thinking.
This may feel so good that all we want to do is contemplate-thinking in a safe space.
The energy to heal is given and in this state, we receive.
Sound healing and Reiki gift us what we need, to be who we want to be and do what we want to do,in harmony within and with all.